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Editor/s CHUN Youngpaik, KIM Youngho, KIM Youngna, SEO Sungrok, YUN Nanjie
Writer/s CHUN Youngpaik, KIM Youngho, KIM Youngna, SEO Sungrok, YUN Nanjie
Publisher Arts Council Korea (Seoul - South Korea)
Desctiption This publication is produced as part of a project initiated by Arts Council Korea in 2009 to provide easier access to information on contemporary Korean artists and to promote critical discourse. It is a collection of 49 essays each focusing on a Korean artist born after 1945. Commissioned from 23 critics, they trace the development of each artist's oeuvre and consider the significance they hold in contemporary Korean art history. Each entry includes images of select works and a brief artist biography. Contributor biographies are provided at the bacak.

Note: This is the condensed version of a book originally written in Korean.

Artists: AHN Kyuchul, BAE Bienu, BAE Youngwhan, CHEONG Gwangho, CHO Duckhyun, CHOE Uram, CHUN Sungmyung, CHUNG Hyun, Gimhongsok, HAN Manyoung, HAN Unsung, Debbie HAN, HONG Seunghye, JEON Joonho, JHEON Soocheon, KANG Honggoo, KANG Hyungkoo, KANG Yobae, KANG Ikjoong, KIM Atta, KIM Dukki, KIM Hodeuk, KIM Wonsook, KIM Jonghak, KIM Joohyun, Kira KIM, Kimsooja, KIM Tschoonsu, KO Younghoon, KOO Jeonga, KOO Bohnchang, LEE Hyungkoo, LEE Jaehyo, LEE Yongbaek, LEE Yongdeok, MIN Byunghun, MOON Beom, MOON Bongsun, NOH Sangkyoon, OH Inhwan, RHEE Kibong, SONG Sanghee, TOH Yunhee, U Sunok, WHANG Inkie, YEE Sookyung, YOO Geuntaek, YOON Dongchun, YOON Youngseok
Chapter Heading/s Criticism of Reality: Hyperrealist Artist Jeon Joonho - KIM Yisoon
15. Jheon Soocheon: Contemplating History and Nature with a Cosmic View - HA Kyehoon
16. Kang Hong-Goo: The Truth or Fiction of Derivative Images: Kang Hong-Goo's Acute Art of Mundane Life - KANG Sumi
17. Kang Hyung Koo: Looking at the World through Pseudo-icons - KIM Youngho
18. Kang Yobae: Guardian of Fleeting Time - KIM Youngho
19. Ik-Joong Kang: One Who Knows How to Mix His Rice Well - YOON Jinsup
20. Kim: All Things Eventually Disappear - KIM Youngna
21. Dukki Kim: Dukki Kim, Nest of Love - SEO Sungrok
22. Kim Ho-deuk: Reversing Directions through Afflictions of the Heart - KIM Hyunsook
23. Kim Wonsook: Melody of Love - SEO Sungrok
24. Jonak Kim: Passion Captured on Flat Surface - CHUN Youngpaik
25. Joohyun Kim: Desiring the Web of Life - KIM Honghee
26. Kira Kim: Landscape of Capitalism, Society of Spectacle - KHO Chunghwan
27. Kimsooja: Needle Woman, Kimsooja - KIM Youngna
28. Tschoon Su Kim: Contemplation, Reflection, and Communication at the Border between Image and Materiality - HA Kyehoon
29. Ko Young Hoon: Objects Viewed from the Border between Illusion and Reality - KIM Youngho
30. Koo Jeong A: How to Build My Home - YU Jinsang
31. Bohnchang Koo: The Significant Moment Comes Afterwards: Bohnchang Koo's Photographs and the Existence of Objects - KANG Sumi
32. Hyungkoo Lee: Hybrid Community of Machines, Animals and Humans - LEE Sunyoung
33. Lee Jaehyo: The Truthful Artistic Adaptation of Nature - SHIN Hangseop
34. Lee Yongbaek: Profound Views on Culture - YOON Jinsup
35. Lee Yong Deok: Contemplating the Traces of Time - KIM Jinyub
36. Min Byung-Hun: Surface of Photography, Surface of the World - YU Jinsang
37. Moon Beom: Defying to be Defined - CHUN Youngpaik
38. Moon Bong Sun: Landscape beyond Conceptual Nature - CHO Eunjung
39. Noh Sang-Kyoon: Sequins as a Neutral Signifying System and the Mediation of Their Materiality - SHIM Sangyong
40. Inhwan Oh: Playing with the Language of Identity - SONG Misook
41. Rhee Ki Bong: Fantastic World of Senses through a Thin Layer - CHUNG Moojeong
42. Sanghee Song: Becoming a Woman and Deconstructing a Myth - CHOI Taeman
43. Yun-Hee Toh: Flowing Time and Opening Space - LEE Sunyoung
44. U Sunok: About 'Mere Nothing' and 'Shadows of the World' - CHO Eunjung
45. Inkie Whang: Interpreting Nature through Different Media - PARK Ilho
46. Yeesookyung: A Member of the 'Pippi Tribe' - KIM Hyunsook
47. Yoo Geun-Taek: Materials, Perception, and Physical Performativity - YOON Jinsup
48. Yoon Dongchun: Making Art Ordinary: A Journey from 'Art of Power' to 'Power of Art' - SHIM Sangyong
49. Yoon Young-Seok: Residue of Time in Objects, Objects Residing in Time - Yoon Yong Seok's Temple of Time - YUN Nanjie
Language English
No. of Pages 408
ISBN / ISSN 8994207074
Year of Publication 2011
Keyword/s Korean Contemporary Art, Artists, Anthology, Critic, Art history, CHUN Youngpaik, KIM Youngho, KIM Youngna, SEO Sungrok, YUN Nanjie
Sub-category Anthology
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