Korea Transfer: 13 Contemporary Korean Artists in New York

Category Catalogue
Editor/s KIM Yuyeon
Writer/s KIM Yuyeon
Publisher Seoul Arts Center (Seoul, South Korea)
Desctiption Catalogue of joint exhibition featuring works by 19 emerging or established artists working in New York. It contains the participating artists' biographies.
Chapter Heading/s 1. New York, World Capital of Art - Richard VINE
2. Contemporary Korean Diaspora Artists in New York - Thalia VRACHOPOULOS
3. Korea Transfer - KIM Yuyeon
4. The New York Art scene or at least, The way I and others see it - D. Dominick LOMBARDI

Artist: KANG Ikjoong, KOH Sangwoo, Min KIM, KIM Okji, KIM Woong, Jinsoo KIM, Miki LEE, Min Byungok, PARK Cheoreom, BAE Sohyun, Chonggon BYUN, YOON Heeseop, LIM Choongsup, CHO Soyeon, JO Sookjin, CHOI Sungho, HAN Kyungwoo, KIM Shinil, KIM Jooyeon

Curator/s: Richard VINE, Thalia VRACHOPOULOS, KIM Yuyeon(김유연), D. Dominick LOMBA
Language English, Korean
No. of Pages 120 pages
Year of Publication 2007
Keyword/s Korean Artist, New York, Installation, Painting, Video art, Diaspora
Sub-category Exhibition Catalogue
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