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+ 2017 MMCA International Research Fellowship Research Programs

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) hosts an international research program for the museum professionals including curators, conservators and educators. This program was initiated as a part of the Cultural Partnership Initiative (CPI) Project supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea. Participants of this program have been mainly curators of contemporary art museums from all over the world.  

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+ 313 Art Project Galleries

Since 2010, 313 Art Project has introduced internationally renowned artists, such as Daniel Buren, Sophie Calle, Tony Oursler, and Xavier Veilhan, to the Korean art scene. It has also proposed Korean artists of various ages, including Lee Wan, who is going to represent Korean Pavilion at 2017 Venice Biennale, and Kiwon Park, who delivers the balanced harmony between painting and installation works, to the international art stage. 

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+ Akive Arts Archive, Information Centres for the Arts

Akive is a non-profit on-line archiving project realized by the collaboration between IT company Reflexion LTD., and professionals actively working in various fields of contemporary art. Akive aims to establish an extensive digital archive of Korean contemporary art, to map its history, current low and trends. Akive's digital archive is interactive and accessible to everyone through its website. Akive aspired to contribute to the development and advancement of Korean contemporary art by providing accurate and current information through professional knowledge and up-to-date communications technology. 

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+ Alternative Space LOOP Alternative Space, Non-profit

In 1999, Alternative Space Loop kicked off as the first nonprofit exhibition space ever in Korea. For the past nineteen years, Loop has carried out innovative and experimental artistic practices to foster contemporary art and culture at home and abroad. The highlights of its activities are as follows: Loop aims to share the circuit of contemporary art and culture with citizens by discovering talented and experimental artists with promising potentials as well as vigorous exchanges with internal and external art worlds.

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+ Amado Art Space/Lab Alternative Space, Arts Organization

Amado Art Space/Lab was established in June, 2013, as a non-profit art organization. It is a community space where it pursues to focus on ‘process and discourse’ and ‘activation of critics’ against numerous problems contemporary art face. Amado Art Space team is consisted of progressive curators and art critics who wish to promote active art discourse and critics in South Korea while diverse artists from different generations can share their aesthetic sense of values. Amado has three stories of exhibition spaces, which was renovated from a private residence, in order to avoid from traditional white cube spaces of contemporary art.  

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+ APAP(Anyang Public Art Project) Biennales, Events

Anyang Public Art Project(APAP) is a public art event that encourages its participants to reimagine th way they understand and perceive the city. Organized by Anyang Foundation for Culture & Arts, APAP has introduced diverse works of public art of various genres-from art to architecture, cinema, performance and beyond- to the environs of Anyang since its inauguration in 2005.

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+ Arario Gallery Seoul Galleries

Established by multimillionaire gallerist Kim Chang-il, Arario Gallery first opened its doors in Cheonan in 2012 before moving to its current place in Sogyeok-dong, Seoul. Making The ARTnews "200 Top Collectors" list for 7 years now, the internationally respected gallery boasts three-stories of exhibition space. At times, the basement and the upper levels are separated to showcase two exhibitions with unrelated curatorial goals. Although the gallery’s main interest lies in contemporary art, it branches off to support domestic as well as international artists in their early to mid-careers. 

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+ Arko Art Center Art Museums

Arko Art Center, which has become an important landmark in the Daehakno area, is one of the most representative works by the architect Swoo-geun Kim who strived to make the building a “poem written with light and bricks.”

Arko Art Center was established in 1979 as a public exhibition space under the direction of Arts Council Korea. It has worked to fulfill its function as an exhibition-supporting institution, specifically geared towards emerging experimental artists. Through this, Arko Art Center has consolidated its public, as well as educational, role to construct a new paradigm for contemporary Korean art.

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+ Art Busan Art Fairs, Events

Art Busan, Which was launched in 2012 with the purpose of transforming Busan Into the city of art and culture, has held a vaiery of exhibitions Introducing the current and future trends of modern art, and It has now become the largest nationalwide art festival.  

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+ Art Center Nabi Art Museums

Art Center Nabi aims to act as an intermediary that transforms the cultural desires into vital activities. Our goal is formed around the idea of humanizing technology that technology is fully integrated with human’s cultural life to open a new space for creative practices. This can be achieved only after the fruitful collaboration and understanding among science technology, humanities and arts. Thus, Art Center Nabi maintains the following three ideas; being a 'critique' of contemporary culture independent from technological benefits; possessing 'creativity' which opens people’s mind to regard a new perspective and enables a new form of expression; creating 'community' where these ideas are shared and the new world is dreamed of. 

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