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+ Ceramic Creative Center Residencies

Ceramic Creative Center(C.C.C.), which is run by Clayarch Gimhae Museum, is the only professional ceramic studio in Korea. It provides visual artists in the field of architecture, ceramics, design, painting, sculpture, etc. with comfortable space and convenience so that they can focus on ceramic arts or architectural ceramics.


The C.C.C. actively supports artists at home and abroad by enabling them to share and experience fresh thoughts and technologies and to engage in creative and experimental activities. Further, the center encourages the formation of proactive network among participating artists.​ 

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+ Changwon Sculpture Biennale Biennales, Events

Changwon Sculpture Biennale is an international celebration of sculptures, it established on the opportunity presented by the unification of formerly separate cities Changwon, Masan and Jinhae. Changwon is the hometown to sculptural history and heritage, home to great sculptors such as Moon Shin, Kim Chong-Yung, Park Chong-Bae, Park Suk-Won, and Kim Young-Won, making this event a meaningful occasion.  

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+ Cheongju Art Studio Residencies

Cheongju city opened the Cheongju Art Studio in March 2007 to establish a new art and cultural infrastructure and to promote various visual arts. By providing space for creative activities to artists and helping networking among residential artists and outside art experts, it exists to cultivate and inspire their creativity. The Cheongju Art Studio was established to create a contemporary artistic discourse by providing a ground for artists both home and abroad to share and exchange information and experiences. 

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+ Culture Conversation Art Media & Publishing

Cultural Conversations is a project of the Australian Centre for Oral History, promoting cross cultural exchange by building a living archive of the stories of Australia's and South Korea's eminent visual artists.


The interviews are freely available world wide through our web site. All interviews are available in English and the Korean interviews are also available in Korean.​ 

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+ Culture Station Seoul 284 Cultural spaces

The official name ‘Culture Station Seoul 284’ was selected through a national open call. 284 is the number assigned to the old Seoul Station building as a historic site. ‘Culture Station Seoul 284’ is meant to convey the notion of a place that preserves historical memories of the past while serving as the center of contemporary cultural networks.

At Culture Station Seoul 284, various forms and genres of arts are presented, including fine art, architecture, music, dance, and etc. Culture Station Seoul 284 offers programs organized by its own staffs as well as programs produced by outside organizers.

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+ DA-Arts(Korea Digital Archives for the Arts) Arts Archive

DA-Arts is a short terms of Korea Digital Archives for the Arts.

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+ Daegu Art Fair Art Fairs, Events

Daegu Art Fair hopes to be a place showing modern art trend at home and abroad and serving as a stepping stone for furtherance of the domestic art market. Daegu Art Fair is going to be held on 08-12 Nov 2017 at Exco, Daegu, Korea. Daegu Art Fair seeks various exchanges of art organizations, art markets, and art fairs at home and abroad. Daegu Art Fair as a cultural event where visitors actively participate and enjoy intends to satisfy their cultural desire and to be an art festival.  

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+ Daegu Photo Biennale Biennales, Events

Established in 2006, Daegu Photo Biennale is Korea’s foremost art event featuring wide range of contemporary photography works from around the world.


Daegu Photo Biennale aims to develop local photographic culture, promote international exchange between Korea and other countries, and to provide a meeting point for contemporary photography. ​ 

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+ Daelim Museum Art Museums

Daelim Museum is located in the residential neighbourhood of Tongui-dong, near historic Gyeongbokgung Palace, Daelim Museum began its life as Korea’s first photography museum. Today, it holds exhibitions that embrace not only photography but also design and a range of other fields, while continuing to expand its own boundaries. 

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+ Dong Gang International Photo Festival Biennales, Events

Dong Gang International Photo Festival offers various exhibitions and educational programs to develop the Korean photo industry in Yeongwol, Gangwon-do to become the main area for photography. The festival also aims to promote Korea's photography become an addition to the world's trend through international interactions.

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