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+ Doosan Curator Workshop Residencies

DOOSAN Curator Workshop is designed to guide and support young Korean curators with their professional development. The program selects three new curators every year, and holds regular workshops and seminars, and an opportunity for them to co-organize an exhibition at the DOOSAN Gallery. 

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+ Doosan Gallery Galleries, Non-profit

DOOSAN Gallery is a non-profit gallery founded in 2007 by the DOOSAN Yonkang Foundation in Seoul, Korea. With the opening of a second location in Chelsea, 2009, the center of contemporary art in New York City, the gallery has created a base for the international activities of young Korean artists. DOOSAN Gallery Seoul offers exhibitions and public and professional educational programs that contribute to the growth of Korean contemporary art. 

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+ Doosan Residency New York Residencies

DOOSAN Residency New York provides young Korean artists with private studio space and housing for six months. Artists-in-Residence are given direct support by DOOSAN Gallery through a range of programs that engage art professionals and the public.​

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+ East Bridge Arts Archive, Information Centres for the Arts

East-bridge is the window into contemporary Korean art. As a webzine introducing Korean Contemporary art, East-bridge aims at integrating a database of Korean art and creating a global network.  

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+ Gachang Art Studio Residencies

International Artists-in-residence are selected by their proposals submitted by an online open call. The vision of the project is to enhance the understanding and communication between the artists who are working in Daegu and the internationally invited artists through the exchange of diverse cultural background. The guest artists will have three months working period, and the end of the project, they will have six days exhibition whose achievements and outcome are based on the residency. 

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+ Galleries Association of Korea Information Centres for the Arts

Galleries Association of Korea is reaching towards development of the world of art and globalized business through Korea Galleries Art Fair, Korea Domestic Art Fair, art appraisal, domestic art competitions participation sponsor business, exclusive art zone realization etc. Such crucial events, when viewed socially or artistically in regards to its ideal progress, hold an overall important stance.

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+ Gallery Factory Alternative Space, Artist-run Space , Non-profit

Gallery Factory first opened its doors as an exhibition space and art shop in December 2002 in Palpandong, located between Samcheongdong and Sagandong. Since then, it has curated and organized its diverse new artistic attempts and public programs, crossing the border of visual art. In autumn 2005, Gallery Factory moved its site to Changseongdong located in the neighborhood of Seochon(West of Gyeongbok Palace). The Gallery has been and is currently active in collaborating with international contemporary artists, designers, and event organizers in various projects of exhibition, public art commission, publication and developing design products.  

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+ Gallery Hyundai Galleries

Gallery Hyundai is the first specialized gallery in Korea, opening in April, 1970, and has developed in the Contemporary art scene about 45 years since its opening, accompanied by many artists. Through various high-quality exhibitions, Gallery Hyundai presents not only Korea’s most prominent Contemporary artists, but also introduces various artists by which you can, at a glance, examine closely the trend of the global art market.  

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+ Gallery Weekend Korea Events

GALLERY WEEKEND KOREA 2016, organized by Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) and the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, will be held in Seoul from October 13-16, during Korean Art Week.

Being presented for the first time in 2016, GALLERY WEEKEND KOREA is a major international event in the field of contemporary art, highlighted by twenty contemporary Korean artists of twenty participating galleries. Prominent international curators, gallerists, collectors, and art media will gather to participate in other core programs of GALLERY WEEKEND KOREA, including Open Talks, Networking Receptions, and Art Tours throughout Seoul and Gwangju.​ 

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+ Gana Art Galleries

Founded in 1983, Gana Art has introduced Korean artists to the global art world, and internationally renowned artists to the audience in Korea, through hundreds of exhibitions and international art fairs. As one of Korea’s most prestigious and influential art institutions today, Gana Art will make ceaseless efforts for the development of art culture and internationalization of the art in Korea. 

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