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Curators will be in Salons in Kansai area, Japan

06 July 2018 - 06 July 2018

Curator Salon Japan Poster ⓒCurator Salon

Curator Salon Japan Poster ⓒCurator Salon

Venue : Osaka, Korean Cultural Center Osaka / Nara, Library of Nara Univ. of Education
Dates : 6 JUL 2018(Osaka) / 10 JUL 2018(Nara)

Curator Salon(Organizer, Pil Joo Jung) will head to Osaka, Japan to greet curators from Korea and Japan on 6th of July.

Curator Salon is a non-profit art project which aims to build an curatorial art platform. More, now it has on an exchange track with neighbouring country, Japan in order to enhances links between two countries' curators. With regard to share expertise on curatorial career, this project hopes to expand East Asia liason. As the pre-event, there will be a project platform- 'Conceptual Osaka.' It will start at noon at Nuri Hall, Korean Cultural Center Osaka. This schedule will be with two artists and their artworks.

Plus, 'Conceptual Nara' will follow in the stream of the project, on 10 July at the Library of Nara University of Education in City Nara. Presenters are the project organizer, Pil Joo Jung and co-organizer, Hiroaki Kano(Nara University of Education.)

For more info:
Homepages www.curatorsalon.com, www.conceptual.asia


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