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The Korea Foundation, 《Out of Place》 between Korea and Thailand

19 Sep 2018 - 09 Nov 2018

Dates : 19 SEP 2018 - 9 NOV 2018
Venue : Seoul, Mirae Asset Center1

The Korea Foundation hosts a contemporary art exhibition in celebration of the 60th anniversary of dipolmatic relations between Korea and Thailand, entilted 'Out of Place.' Featuring eight internationally active artists from Korea and Thailand, this exhibition is designed to showcase trends in contemporary art and promote cultural exchanges between the two countries. Participating artists includeMoojin Brothers,Park Kyung Ryul, and Hyemin Park of Korea and Taiki Sakpisit, Patipat Chaiwitesh, Dow Wasiksiri, Israkran Yingyong, and Ruangsak Anuwarwimon of Thailand who will be presenting diverse artworks, including videos, installations, images and paintings.

The 'Out of Place' exhibition aims to observe peculiar, unique phenomena of contemporary society through a range of exhibitis revealing creative processses that originated from personal experieces and eventually led to the comprehension of contemporary issues in society.

While the artists belong to different generations, they all experieced important changes of their repective country's modern society, including the advent of democratic movenets, multiculturalism, rapid economic growth and urbanization, and the arrival of refugees and immigrants as well as the postinternet era created by the information society.

Although these eight individulas and the two countries are faced with different circumstances, it is intriguing to observe chages in the geographic communites of towns, cities, and states, as well as the Asian region as a whole. Amidst these changes to their environments, the eight artists display their interests in politics, society, history, religion, and popular culture and unfold their respective narratives by using multi-faceted expressions, unrestricted by formalities. They also question the 'frame'itself, i.e. the cultural context in which they create their art, and attempt to destruct and reconstruct it from new perspectives. Art has a role to dismantle social systems and suggest new forms thereof.
One of the aims of this exhibition is to remind visitors of the strange and unfamiliar aspects of contmeporary society.

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