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Minjung Kim’s solo exhibition, 《Mountains》

21 Dec 2018 - 19 Jan 2019

Minjung Kim, 〈Mountain〉, 2017. Ink and watercolor on mulberry Hanji paper, 133 x 187 cm. ©The artist ©Robilant+Voena Gallery

Minjung Kim, 〈Mountain〉, 2017. Ink and watercolor on mulberry Hanji paper, 133 x 187 cm. ©The artist ©Robilant+Voena Gallery

Dates: 21 DEC 2018 – 19 JAN 2019
Venue: Robilant+Voena Gallery, St. Moritz, Switzerland

Minjung Kim, who was born in Korea and currently lives and works in France and U.S., creates work using traditional techniques and materials of Korea such as Hanji paper and ink, combined with a meditative, repetitive approach to art making. Hanji paper, Kim says, is in itself a work of art – a product of craftsmanship and knowledge. Thus her painterly approach is considered delicate, not wanting to violate something that is already perfect.

Jean-Christophe Ammann on Minjung Kim’s 〈Mountain〉 series: Her monochromes made on rice paper are characterized by innumerable shades grading into the depths of space. The black in the foreground dissolves into an ash gray that gradually lightens until it fades. Whether black ink is used or red, they always convey a sense of a glowing distance. The extraordinary aspect of these paintings is that each of them reveals its own perspective and the mountain scenery is always diverse, shaped by the emotional charge of the painterly gesture.” (from the exhibition 《The Light, The Shade, The Depth》 curated by Jean-Christophe Ammann in 2015 at Luxembourg & Dayan gallery, Italy)

The exhibition aligns with Robilant+Voena’s ambition to draw attention to accomplished female artists, including those within the Old Masters and Modern Art, that in some cases only now are receiving the critical acclaim and attention they merit. And a work from the 〈Mountain〉 series will be part of a British Museum exhibition called 《Drawing Now》(SEP 2019 – JAN 2020).

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