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Choi Byung-Kwan, 《Bamboo》

02 Feb 2019 - 30 Mar 2019

Choi Byung-Kwan, <Bamboo Panorama 01>, 2002. ⓒChoi Byung-Kwan

Choi Byung-Kwan, 〈Bamboo Panorama 01〉, 2002. ⓒChoi Byung-Kwan

Dates: 02 FEB 2019 – 30 MAR 2019
Venue: Elliotthalls, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Throughout his ongoing exploration of bamboo, the Korean artist Choi Byung-Kwan creates striking monochrome photographs of bamboo forests. Where he meticulously studies the plant in all its glory to create sublime, almost calming and contemplative images. Choi Byung-Kwan studies the spiritual world through his constant depiction of nature and the natural world. To Choi nature is a part of self-awareness, self-recovery and enlightenment and furthermore in his native Korean culture, bamboo symbolises the SongJukJiJeol (松竹之節 unchanging integrity) from the past, SongGyoJiSu (松六之寿 strong nobility) and elegance. His work is held in several notable collections worldwide – this is the first exhibition of his work in the Netherlands.

Further information: https://www.elliotthalls.com/choi-byungkwan


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