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Youngzoo IM, 《Aedong》

07 Mar 2019 - 13 April 2019

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Exhibition view of 《Aedong》. Photo© DOOSAN Gallery New York

DOOSAN Gallery New York presents Youngzoo IM’s solo exhibition titled 《Aedong》, from March 7 to April 13, 2019. "Aedong" is a word coined by the artist, focusing on the fact that the South Korean anthem is called “aegukga,” which literally translates to “the song of the love for the nation,” having “ae” meaning love. Additionally, the artist considers the way the Chotdaebawi Rock and the South Korean anthem are consumed is fetishistic and pornographic - "Aedong" is appropriated from the Korean word “yadong”(porn films). IM has collected and documented stories and scenes of urban legends, superstitions, pseudo-sciences and pseudo-religions spread throughout society, and has realized them through various mediums such as video, painting, installations, and publications. Through an experiment of installation, 《Aedong》 presents a new combination of IM’s past works illuminating the various facets of the formation of belief system. Also, by presenting IM’s recent works, 《Aedong》 invites the viewers to imagine what future directions IM’s work may take.

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