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Sung-Hee Cho, 《Efflorescence》

11 April 2019 - 10 May 2019

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Sung-Hee Cho, 〈Happy Blossom〉, 2019. ⓒSung-Hee Cho

Sung-Hee Cho presents the solo exhibition 《Efflorescence》 at Fondazione Mudima, Milano, Italy from 11 April until 10 May 2019. An artist who seeks balance with her canvases through endurance and a mastery of material and color, Cho's current works, divided into monochromatic and polychromatic pieces. They are the result of a lengthy production process, allowing her to create a limited number of works each year. Making a surface that appears as void, she works intricately with varying tones and numerous layers, drawing initial inspiration from the nature and the world around us.

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