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Min ha Park, 《Sun Gone》

04 April 2019 - 04 May 2019

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Exhibition Poster of 《Sun Gone》. ⓒ ONE AND J. Gallery

ONE AND J. Gallery presents Min ha Park's solo show, 《Sun Gone》. Representation has long been understood as an inevitable approach to painting though the scope has been reduced to just one of many branches of methodology due to fundamental doubts about representation and changes in attitudes towards art. Nevertheless, reenactment is one of many painters' methodologies, and painters constantly examine the possibility of reproduction and its expansion. Min ha Park also observes things that infiltrate into the unknown and cause a reaction at some point and puts them on the screen. This is a reproduction of invisible phenomena, and makes the viewer go through the process of understanding the artist's sensuous and personal incarnation again in a private sense. The exhibition runs from April 4 and is free to the public.

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