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Sea Hyun Lee, 《Between Red》

26 April 2019 - 09 June 2019


Sea Hyun Lee, 〈Between Red-187〉, 2013. Oil on Linen, 334x745cm. ©Artist and CHOI&LAGER Gallery.

In the exhibition 《Between Red》 by Sea Hyun Lee, the seemingly simple large scale landscape paintings are rendered in delicate washes of red. The patches of white on the canvases seem harsh seen in relation to the carefully detailed fragments in red. At closer look the comprehensive blocks of land emerge as constructed of fragments and the compositions made up by reshuffling these fragments. It is the repetitious fragmentation that cohere the work into the flawless totality that makes the paintings compelling both on an aesthetic and conceptual level. The paintings are rooted in the past, but at the same time acutely current and contemporary. The exhibition is in collaboration with CHOI&LAGER Gallery(Cologne / Seoul).

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