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Park Chan-kyong selected for 《MMCA HYUNDAI MOTOR SERIES 2019》

posted 18 Feb 2019

Park Chan-kyong. Photo by JeremyHaik, Image provided by MMCA

Park Chan-kyong. Photo by JeremyHaik, Image provided by MMCA

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA, Director Youn Bummo) has selected Park Chan-kyong as the artist for the 《MMCA HYUNDAI MOTOR SERIES 2019》. Park Chan-kyong is internationally reputed for his video and photo works that explore subjects such as Korean division, traditional folk religion, and East Asian modernity.

Sponsored by Hyundai Motor, the 《MMCA HYUNDAI MOTOR SERIES 2019》 is a 10-year project started in 2014 supporting one major Korean artist every year to put together a solo exhibition of new works. This project was organized to help artists who have produced authentic lines of work create new large-scale works as an opportunity to refresh and develop their artistry and ultimately revitalize the Korean contemporary art scene. Park Chan-kyong is the sixth artist selected for the project, following Lee Bul (2014), Ahn Kyuchul (2015), Kimsooja (2016), IM Heung-soon (2017), and Choi Jeonghwa (2018).

Through this exhibition, Park seeks to trace down and question the meaning of conventionalized systems such as the museum and art history, and their functions in the context of Korean and East Asian geography and culture. He has chosen to unravel the story in correlation with East Asian myths, cultural heritage, history, and discourses on modernity. Moreover, Park will examine other potential functions of artistic language in the contemporary period christened “post-disaster.” Park’s artistic theme is also in line with the MMCA’s 50th anniversary objective to rethink the role and identity of a public museum in the context of Korean modern and contemporary art history.

This exhibition will be held from Saturday October 26, 2019, till Sunday February 23, 2020, in Gallery 5 of MMCA Seoul, featuring various installations in addition to videos and photographs.


Hosted by the MMCA and sponsored by Hyundai Motor, the 《MMCA HYUNDAI MOTOR SERIES》 is a 10-year annual project launched in 2014 to support and feature one established Korean artist every year. The purpose of this project is to propose new perspectives and possibilities for Korean contemporary art and to strengthen the foundation for established artists in Korea.

Through this project, the audience will be introduced to works by a total of 10 artists with distinctive attitudes and styles on a yearly basis and will be able to identify with the current status and dynamicity of Korean contemporary art. Lee Bul, the featured artist of the 《MMCA HYUNDAI MOTOR SERIES 2014》, held a tour exhibition at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, in 2015 and is receiving a significant volume of responses from the international art scene. This project contributing to the development of Korean contemporary art has come to be considered an exemplary form of corporate sponsorship generating mutual gain by integrating cultural arts and business.

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