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《Asia Focus》 for Venice Meeting Point 2019

posted 29 April 2019


Inhwan Oh, 〈Where He Meets Him in Venice〉, 2019. Incense powder, dimensions variable.

The 4th edition of the My Art Guides Venice Meeting Point is titled of 《Asia Focus》. The Venice Meeting Point was established in 2015: a platform created to encourage an international dialogue in contemporary art and to foster the collaboration between visual artists, art organisations and the international arts community alike, meanwhile cultivating a deeper public engagement in the arts.

The Venice Meeting Point, at a short distance from the entrance to the Arsenale, is located at a private Navy Officer’s Club, the club opens it doors exclusively for 5 days during the Biennale opening week – May 7-11, 2019. This year the Venice Meeting Point offers a dense cultural programme with Back Seungwoo, Inhwan Oh, Ham Yangah, Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho, Minouk Lim, Noh Suntag,Mixrice - Cho Ji Eun, Yang Chul Mo, Sanghee Song and Na Hyun. The 2019 main cultural partner is MMCA Korea supported by SBS Foundation.

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