• Hyunjoo Heaven Baek Artist

    After graduating from Australia's RMIT University in 2006 with a degree in media art, Hyunjoo Heaven Baek received her master's degree from the UK's Glasgow School of Art in 2009. She returned to Korea in 2009 and participated in residency programs in Ssamzie Farmer Residency in Hongcheon, Gangwon-do; Seoul Art Space Geumcheon; Hangar in Spain; and the Association of Icelandic Visual Artists (SÍM). In 2013, she was selected by Arts Council Korea to hold a solo exhibition as one of the emerging artists of the year to be fostered by the next generation artistic talent supporting project.

  • Ahn Jun Artist

    Ahn Jun studied art history at the University of Southern California (USC), then majored in photography for her graduate studies at the Pratt Institute and Parsons School of Design in New York. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Korea and abroad since her first showing in 2008 at the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations, and she has held four solo exhibitions so far. She was selected as one of the photographers in the Belt Competition 2012, and in 2013 she became the only Korean to be selected as one of the 20 remarkable photographers in the UK's prestigious photography magazine British Journal of Photography. In addition, her photographs garnered much attention from various media around the world including the Guardian in the UK, Foreign Policy in the US, Spiegel in Germany, and Libration in France.

  • Taedong Kim Artist

    Taedong Kim studied photography at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels at Chung-Ang University in Korea. In 2016, Kim was selected as a “noticeable photographer of the year” by the Ilwoo Foundation. He won several awards including the 4th Ilwoo Photography Award, the Light of the Academy award from the Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in China, and the JUMF (Juan Media Festival) Certificate of Merit and was a finalist for the SKOPF (Sangsangmadang Korean Photographer’s Fellowship) Award. Kim held his solo exhibition Day-Break-Days, the winning project of the Ilwoo Photography Award, in 2013 and the self-titled exhibition Kim Taedong as part of the Gallery Lux Young Artist Support Program in 2012. His group exhibitions include Young Korean Artists in 2013 and Fotofest International Discoveries 4 in 2013. He has also released photography books Day Break/Break Days in 2013 and Vision New Voices 2013, published by the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea.

  • Okin Collective (Artists’ group) Artist

    Okin Collective is an artists' group, which consists of Joungmin Yi, Hwayong Kim, Shiu Jin, named after Okin Apartment complex in Jongnogu, Seoul, where in which the first group project was held. And Sindae Kang is working together as a guest artist in 2017.

    The inaugural project, ‘Okin Apartments Project’ was stemmed from a visit to one of the artist member who lived in the complex where was to be demolished in July, 2009. The decision of redevelopment was abrupt so the tenants did not have enough time to prepare their move out. The project composed of researches the stories on the site including: the tenants’ unfortunate situation during the eviction process for the redevelopment project, traces left by the former residents, symbolic values of the modernist buildings, and historicity of the surroundings.

    According to the artists of Okin Collective, art’s role in society is to offer new perspectives on reality. They create hybrid situations through complex matrix of appropriation, pastiche, discovery of sites, borrowed linguistic fragments and different methods of practice. The improvisational quality of their practice offers an alternative way of working defined by cooperation and respect for difference, and the flexibility required for collaborative production is directly demonstrated in the structure of their works.

    The group has organized various projects, performances and exhibitions since its inception, including its solo show entitled Okin OPEN SITE at Okin apartments, Seoul(2010). It has participated in "Life, No Peace, Only Adventure" at Busan National Museum of Art(2011), "Open Hangar"(Spain, 2012), "Truth is Concrete"(Austria, 2012), "Acts of Vocing" at Total Museum(2013), “Festival Bo:m 2014”, "10th Gwangju Biennale(2014)”, “ARTEFACT FESTIVAL 15,”(STUK, Belgium, 2015), “Rien ne va plus? Faites vos jeux!,”(de Appel art centre, 2016) and more. They have been running Okin Collective Internet radio station [STUDIO+82](http://okin.cc) since September 2010.

  • Keum Hyewon Artist

    Keum Hyewon earned her BFA and MFA at Ewha Womans University in Korea. She held her first solo exhibition on Korea’s redevelopment in 2008. Through several other solo exhibitions at Song-Eun Gallery in 2009 and at Ilmin Museum of Art in 2011, Keum has continued to present her photography on cities. She has been actively participating in residencies and group exhibitions both domestically and abroad. Keum won the 12th Daum Prize from the Parkgeonhi Foundation in 2013.

  • Heo Suyoung Artist

    Heo Suyoung earned his BFA and MFA in plastic arts at Seoul National University of Science and Technology in Korea. He started his work as an artist with the solo exhibition The Smaller Majority and a residency program. Heo has held four solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions. The artist presents intensive paintings which catalog and overlap integrated images of his everyday life.

  • Lee Woosung Artist

    Lee Woosung studied painting at Hongik University and earned his MFA at Korea National University of Arts. He made his debut as new artist with the solo exhibition Bul Bul Bul in 2012, which helped him win a residency. Until now, he has held four solo exhibitions and participated in a number of group exhibitions. He currently focuses two dimensional painting using gouache, as well as video works.

  • Jung Hye-ryun Artist

    Jung Hye-ryun earned her BFA and PhD. of Fine Arts at Pusan University in Korea. She gained public attention as she was awarded the Artists of Tomorrow Award by Sungkok Art Museum in Seoul, Korea, in 2004. Jung was selected as an up-and-coming artist by the Songam Arts & Cultural Foundation and has won the Bongsaeng Young Culture Award, Ha Jung-woong Young Artist Award, a grant from SeMA (Seoul Museum of Art) for New Artists, and the 2012 Young Sculptor Prize of the Kim Chong Yung Museum. The artist has held solo exhibitions at domestic and international museums and galleries such as Kuandu Museum of Arts in Taiwan, The Busan Museum of Art, Sungkok Art Museum, OCI Museum of Art, Kongkan Gallery, and Seo Gallery.

  • Uram Choe Artist

    Choe graduated from Chung-Ang University’s Department of Sculpture in 1993 and then received an M.F.A. from the same university. Choe has been interested in machines since childhood and has been releasing “kinetic art,” which combines sculpture with “movement,” for quite some time. He has held quite a number of solo exhibitions at places such as Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum, New York’s Asia Society Museum, and the John Curtin Gallery in Perth, Australia. Recently, he has mainly been showing his work at overseas events like the Shanghai Biennale (2006) and the Liverpool Biennale (2008). 

  • Dongi Lee Artist

    Born in 1967, Lee received a BFA and MFA in painting from Hongik University. Since 1993, he has displayed works featuring his hybrid character Atomaus in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Korea and more than 10 times abroad. Pieces depicting Atomaus, a composite of the Japanese cartoon character Atom and the Disney icon Mickey Mouse, are housed in Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea. 

  • Hong-joo Kim Artist

    Born in Hoin, Chungcheongbuk-do in 1945, Kim graduated from Hongik University’s Department of Occidental Painting and attended graduate school at the same university. Starting with his first solo exhibition in 1978, he has held 15 solo exhibitions and been part of many group exhibitions. He is the recipient of the Frontier Award at the Grand Prix Exhibition of Korean Art (1978), the Special Award at the Cagne International Painting Festival, France (1980), and the 6th Lee In-sung Artist Award (2005). 

  • Sung-pil Han Artist

    Han Sungpil creates art mainly using photography, moving images, and installations. This allows him to examine philosophical subjects such as environmental issues, originality, and relationships between things that are real and things that are fake. Han’s sensibility often includes a sense of humor and sublime elements of beauty. He received a BFA in photography from Chung-Ang University, Korea and completed a joint MA program offered by Kingston University in London and the Design Museum in London, U.K. called Curating Contemporary Design. Han takes part in exhibitions, public installations, and collections at museums and biennales both in Korea and around the world. 

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