• Kim Yeoin Artist

    Kim Yeojin graduated from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, participated in numerous group shows such as Une inconnue d’avance and Travaux Publics held in Paris, and is currently a residing artist at Cheongju Art Studio.

  • Choi Yun Artist

    Choi Yun attained bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Korea National University of Arts and has been working in the medium of installation and performance to shed light on the common findings within the city of Seoul. Her solo show Hanaco, Yunyunchoi, Choi Yun Solo Exhibition was held at the project space of Art Sonje Center in 2017, and her works were also shown in group exhibitions at Kukje Gallery and Doosan Gallery New York. Choi was selected for R:ead: Residency East-Asia Dialogue in Hong Kong, and for the Seoul Museum of Art’s Emerging Artists & Curators Support program.

  • Choi Yoonsuk Artist

    Visual artist and producer Choi Yoonsuk also produces performances and screenings. In 2017, Choi invited his colleagues for a Relay Lecture Performance addressing their common concerns through a public speech format. He also presented Glass Mirror at Doosan Art Center in 2017, Life and Work and Work and Life at Shinhan Gallery in 2014, and had a solo screening at Theatre Sinchon in 2017. His major solo exhibitions include Unassailable Assets at Space O’NewWall in 2015, and he was invited to partake in major exhibitions such as Video Portrait at Total Museum of Contemporary Art in 2017 and Another O at Doosan Gallery in 2015.

  • Park Kyungjong Artist

    Park Kyungjong received a BFA from The Cooper Union in New York with his major in painting and animation, but with painting and animation as an axis, he works in many different forms such as installation and video. His solo shows include Mirage at Art Space Grove in 2017, Empathy: Objects at Seoul Art Space Seogyo, and Nostalgia for the Future at Space Womb Gallery in 2013. He is an artist selected by the JoongAng Fine Arts Prize and he also enrolled in residency programs with Cheongju Art Studio and OCI Museum.

  • Kim Donghee Artist

    Kim Donghee majored in printing at Hongik University. While an undergraduate student, he started Free Home Project using an abandoned space within the campus, which led to collaborations with various fellow artists in re-engaging spaces that have lost their original functionality, receiving much attention from the art scene. Through House of Dispersed Layers in 2014, Opera Coast in 2015, Open Studio in 2017, and 3 Volumes in 2017, Kim is continuously building his unique line of work by creating eclectic spaces.

  • Parc Rahm Artist

    Parc Rahm works in Seoul and has held solo exhibitions Magnetic Lasso Survey at Cake Gallery in 2014, Shape of Mass at Gallery EM in 2016, and Aportrait at Weekend in 2017. Throughout her career, she has joined group shows including Today’s Salon at Common Center in 2015, Crossing Plane at Ilmin Museum of Art, Analytic Index at Cake Gallery in 2015. Since 2014, Parc has also presented three shows of her performance series Drawing Exercise, and recently performed Call at Boan 1942.

  • Park Yeojoo Artist

    Park Yeojoo attained a bachelor’s degree from Seoul Women’s University and a master’s degree in painting from Slade School of Fine Art, University College London. Park held two solo exhibitions, starting with Night Thoughts at Project Space SARUBIA in 2013. She also participated in various group exhibitions held at AmorePacific Museum of Art, Kumho Museum of Art, Culture Station Seoul 284, and Seoul Museum of Art. She also partook in the 2015 Seoul Museum of Art Nanji Residency program.

  • Park Gwangsoo Artist

    Park Gwangsoo graduated from the undergraduate and graduate school of Seoul National University of Science and Technology in 2008 with a major in formative arts. Beginning with his first solo show 2001: A SPACE COLONY at Gallery b'ONE in 2011, he held multiple solo shows including Darkest Wind, Bonfire and Drum Sound at Shinhan Gallery and Crack at Doosan Gallery. He also partook in numerous group shows such as DigiFun Art: Urban Scape at Seoul Museum of Art and B-Cut Drawing at Kumho Museum of Art. Among many awards, he received the 2016 Doosan Artist Award and Chong Kun Dang Art Award and has had multiple experiences as an artist-in-residency. Park is active in various fields, even producing the music video for the title song of the band Hyukoh’s first album in 2017.

  • Kim Jongbum Artist

    Since his establishment of the art workshop NONAME NOSHOP in 2003, Kim Jongbum has been working as an artist and an exhibition space designer. His first solo show was LIFECYCLE SHOW held in 2014 at D Museum D Project Space. Recently in 2016, he was appointed as the exhibition designer for the show Making is Thinking is Making: New Korean Craft held at La Triennale di Milano, and for the exhibition Activating the City: Urban Gastronomy at MMCA. Kim is a part of the spin-off team Ab Group with Lee Hyeyeon and is also a partner at Seoul Model Factory with engineer Choi Jongun.

  • Ahn Sanghoon Artist

    Ahn Sanghoon majored in oil painting at Chung-Ang University, graduated from Kustakademie Münster in Germany, and acquired a Meisterschüler from Professor Cornelius Völker. He participated in various group shows including exhibitions at Tempelhof Museum in 2015, Kunsthalle Muenster in 2014, and Kunstverein Virtuell-Visuell in Germany. He was also selected for a 2015 residency in Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany, and for a project fund. He held solo shows at Incheon Art Platform’s Warehouse Gallery and at Salon ARTERTAIN in 2017, at Art Space Loo in 2016 in Seoul, and at Kreis Museum in Germany. In 2017, he began the Incheon Art Platform residency.

  • Choi Sujin Artist

    Choi Sujin graduated from Chung-Ang University in 2010 with bachelor’s and master’s degree in oil painting. Beginning with Curiosity, Cloud, Words held at Kunst Doc in 2010, Choi has had multiple solo exhibitions such as Lumpy Bumpy Ground at Gallery b’ONE in 2014, and Walk around a Corner, Rainbow Breath at Lee Eugene Gallery in 2015. In 2012, Choi was awarded Grand Prize at the Thirty-Fourth JoongAng Fine Arts Prize Competition, and in 2014, her work was selected for Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture’s promising art projects grant.

  • Hong Buhm Artist

    Hong Buhm majored in industrial design at Hongik University and earned his master’s degree from New York School of Visual Arts, where he focused on digital art, photography, and video. He completed artist residency programs in Nebraska and Beijing, and beginning with his solo exhibition in New York, Space Entwine, Hong held a series of exhibitions including Lost Wood at Project Space SARUBIA, Somewhere in Mind at Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Unexpected Drawing at KAIST Gallery, and Hong Buhm.ZIP: Old Exterior at Paradise Zip. Hong also recently partook in the two-person show An-other Column held in DOOSAN Art Center.

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