• Kim Joon Artist

    After graduating from Yonsei University with a BA in mass communication, Kim Joon (b.1976) wanted to explore photography so he moved to Germany where he studied visual design and photography and media. Starting with his solo exhibition Barmherzigkeit in Bielefeld, Germany, in 2008, he has strongly presented his works at several exhibitions including Feedback Field in Berlin, Germany, in 2012; since then until 2014, Kim has shuttled between Seoul, Korea, and Germany and the UK and presented at a special exhibition The Phenomena of 51.482008,-0.144344 in London. After his homecoming to Korea in 2012, the artist started working in the country as he participated in the residency program at SeMA Nanji Residency and was awarded the 35th Joongang Fine Arts Prize. Since 2014, Kim has been working as a participating artist in the Baengnyeong-do Peace Arts Residency run by Incheon Art Platform while expanding his interests into different art fields, aside from producing art, including art education through sound.

  • Koo Minjeong Artist

    Born in 1987 in Seoul, Korea, Koo Minjeong graduated from Sungshin Women’s University with a BFA in Painting and from Seoul National University of Science and Technology (SeoulTech) with an MFA in Fine Art. Koo discovers new images through a variety of objets and reconstitutes them to present artificial landscapes. The artist has held solo exhibitions such as Diring (Image of Circle Sound) (Seoul Art Space Seogyo, 2014), Sugar Room (Arko Performing Arts Center Project Space Stage 3x3, 2014), and Found Senses (Cafe Morris, 2014), while participating in a number of group exhibitions.

  • Choi Yoonsuk Artist

    Born in 1981 in Seoul, Korea, Choi Yoonsuk earned a BFA in Western painting at Chung-Ang University in 2007 and an MFA in painting from the Slade School of Fine Art, University College London, in 2011. Choi has held a number of group exhibitions, performances, and screening events in several countries around the world including Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Belgium. The artist has also participated in a special exhibition titled Life and Work and Work and Life held at Shinhan Gallery in June 2014 and Another O, a Doosan curatorial workshop.

  • Yang Yooyun Artist

    Yang Yooyun graduated from Sungshin Women’s University with a BFA and MFA in oriental painting. Starting with her first solo exhibition titled Scar at Ccot+Incubator in 2010, Yang has presented her works at four solo exhibitions, also including Daydream at Gallery SoSo in 2012, The Full Night at Gallery Bundo in 2013, and They Cry at OCI Museum of Art in 2014 as selected by OCI YOUNG CREATIVES, as well as at number of group exhibitions. The artist attempts to bring an individual’s sensitivity, social phenomena, and incidents onto the canvas through her unique artistic sense.

  • Woo Jeongsu Artist

    Woo Jeongsu graduated from Korea National University of Arts with a BFA and MFA in visual arts. Woo illuminates the other side of a society and its contradictions by borrowing images of various subcultures, which have deviated from the mainstream culture, in his dense drawings. Since 2007, the artist has participated in several exhibitions such as Gorgeous Way Out (Gongpoung Art Center, 2009), Linguistic Morphology: Art in Context (Sungkok Museum, 2010), and No Mercy, No Fear (Gallery White Block, 2013). He held his first solo exhibition at Project Space Sarubia in February 2015.

  • Hong Jiyon Artist

    Hong Jiyon graduated from Kookmin University with a BFA in fine arts and from Art Center College of Design with an MFA in fine arts. Starting with a group exhibition at Sheffield Hallam University in which the artist participated as an exchange student in 2006, Kim held group exhibitions each year until 2014. At her solo exhibitions Corrected Memory of a City (Raymond Gallery, Pasadena, CA) in 2010, North Is Where Mountains Are (MFA thesis exhibition, Main Gallery, ACCD, Pasadena, CA) in 2011, and Corrected Memory of a City_B (GlogauAIR Gallery, Berlin, GR) in 2012, Hong presented her art on the discrepancies that exist between reality and ideas. She was featured in the Drawing Center Archive Artist Registry by Seoul Olympic Museum of Art in 2012 and was mentioned as the finalist of the Jean-Claude Reynal Scholarship.

  • Kim Daum Artist

    Born in 1983 in Seoul, Korea, Kim Daum graduated from Kookmin University with a BFA in sculpture. Kim focuses on various interfaces between the people living in modern society, while exploring a wide array of traces which derive from the inside, errors made by indirect experience, and distortion of memories. Since 2009, Kim has presented at several exhibitions such as DabangDabang Project (KT&G Sangsangmadang, 2014), When the Future Ended (Hite Collection, 2014), Censorship (Alternative Space Loop, 2014), Better than Universe (Daegu Art Factory, 2013), Progress under the Eyes (Amado Art Space, 2013) and held the solo exhibition RSVP, Art Sonje Lounge Project (Art Sonje Center, 2014). He participated in the 8th residency program at SeMA Nanji Residency. 

  • Insane Park Artist

    Earning his BFA in Western paining from Kyonggi University, Insane Park debuted in the Korean art world in 2009 when he first participated in the exhibition Raid on Media held at Shinhan Gallery, which showed a sharp critique on the nature of images produced from a variety of mediums such as television, film, and Internet. He has frequently held solo exhibitions including M.IDEA at Arario Gallery in 2011, Blame Game at Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art in 2012, and Director’s Cut at Arario Gallery this year; he was also awarded the second Etro Art Prize in 2013 which discovers and supports up-and-coming artists.    

  • Kim Sangjin Artist

    Kim Sangjin is interested in human-created systems such as language, signs, time, and order and the other side of such systems, exploring the uncertainties that come from an unstable system of human cognition, a disjunction between perception and existence and its resulting contradiction and irrationality. Kim graduated from Seoul National University with a BFA in plastic arts and from Goldsmiths, University of London, with an MFA in fine arts. In 2013, he was selected for Kumho Young Artists and was chosen as the ninth Resident Artist at Kumho Museum. He has presented at three solo exhibitions and eight group exhibitions including Landscape: Chicken or Egg (Kumho Museum, 2013), Phantom Sign (Alternative Space Loop, 2014), and Dreaming Machines (Strategic Project of 4th Moscow International Biennale, NCCA, Moscow, 2014). 

  • Lee Fi Artist

    Born in 1981 in Seoul, Korea, Lee Fi held her first solo exhibition when she was a freshman in high school. After earning her BFA and MFA in fine arts at School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the United States, Lee has expanded from creating two-dimensional work to creating multi-dimensional art, currently presenting a wide array of installation works. Starting with her solo exhibition held after her homecoming to Korea at Gallery Artlink in 2010, the artist has held and participated in a number of solo exhibitions including The Cabinet of Fi’s Curiosities and The Whole World on My Face as well as various group exhibitions. Lee is currently participating in the SeMA Nanji Residency.   

  • Yoon Byoungjoo Artist

    Born in 1984 in Seoul, Korea, Yoon Byoungjoo studied photography at Seoul Institute of Arts where he began exploring various characteristics of photography, including its documentary attributes, based around the theme of Hwaseong, a city in Gyeonggi-do. The artist has presented at a number of group exhibitions such as Museum Scandal held at the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in 2011 and FF2 (2012) at Michael Schultz Gallery Seoul, and he has held several solo exhibitions including Exploration of Hwaseong (2014, Space Willing N Dealing) and Mark on Hwaseong (2014, SongEun Art Cube). With his young, experimental viewpoint, Yoon is actively working on his artworks, and he was awarded the Mirae Award by ParkGeonhi Foundation in 2013 and the Selected Artists at the 36th Joongang Fine Arts Prize in 2014.    

  • ETC Artist

    Founded by Lee Saem, Jun Bokyung and Jin Narae in 2012, the Enterprise of Temporary Consensus (ETC) is an artist collective which dubs itself as a virtual enterprise based on temporary consensus between three artists. The enterprise provides intangible artistic services under the vision of a “business hub for a human centered society and the future of art.” It also views social phenomena from the viewpoint of an artist who is marginalized in society and reconstitutes the borders between truth and fiction through their unique, artistic imagination.     

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