• Zin Kijong Artist

    Zin Kijong graduated from the School of Arts and Design, Gachon University in 2005 where he studied environmental sculpture. He held his first solo exhibition, On Air, at the Arario Gallery in Seoul in 2008, followed by Television: Rules of the Nation held at Galerie plan. d. in Düsseldorf, and Atheism Report at Gallery Hyundai. Zin produced a video work for the media art wall of the Pyeongchang Information Hall, which was opened during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and a diorama of Kim Hong-do's paintings of travelers for the Danwon Gallery in 2016.
    He received the Excellence Prize at the 17th Song Eun Art Awards in 2017, and the Grand Prize of the JCC Frontier Awards hosted by the JCC Museum.

  • Hong Buhm Artist

    Hong Buhm majored in industrial design at Hongik University and earned his master’s degree from New York School of Visual Arts, where he focused on digital art, photography, and video. He completed artist residency programs in Nebraska and Beijing, and beginning with his solo exhibition in New York, Space Entwine, Hong held a series of exhibitions including Lost Wood at Project Space SARUBIA, Somewhere in Mind at Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Unexpected Drawing at KAIST Gallery, and Hong Buhm.ZIP: Old Exterior at Paradise Zip. Hong also recently partook in the two-person show An-other Column held in DOOSAN Art Center.

  • Park Minha Artist

    Park Minha earned her BFA in Western painting at Ewha Womans University and an MFA in fine arts at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 2013. In 2014, Park was awarded the V-tape Award by the 27th Images Festival in Toronto, Canada. Several exhibitions and film festivals featured her works including The Un-bound Archive at Arko Art Center; her solo exhibition Telecast Baghdad at Audio Visual Pavilion, Cinematic Divergence at MMCA, Seoul; Film Montage at the Coreana Museum of Art; New Skin: Modeling and Attaching at Ilmin Museum of Art; and Art Spectrum 2015 at Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art.

  • RohwaJeong Artist

    RohwaJeong is an artist duo comprising of Roh Yunhee and Jeong Hyunsuk. RohwaJeong expresses its interest in relations between a center and its surroundings throughout various genres. The artist duo studied sculpture at the College of Art, Kookmin University. Since 2007, RohwaJeong has presented at numerous solo and group exhibitions both domestically and internationally at Ssamzie Space and Gallery Factory in Korea as well as in Germany and Paris, France. As of 2015, the duo is in the SeMA Nanji Residency program and plans to hold two more solo exhibitions in 2016.

  • Jang Taewon Artist

    Born 1976 in Seoul, Jang works on projects both in his hometown and New York. After graduating from Chung-Ang University in 2001 with a bachelor’s in photography, the artist in 2006 earned a master’s in visual art from Columbia University. His solo exhibitions have been hosted by Heidi Cho Gallery in New York in 2007, the Seoul and New York branches of Doosan Gallery, and ILWOO Space in Seoul. More recently, he has taken part in group exhibitions including 31 Experiments on Light: Intimate Rapture at Culture Station Seoul 284. Jang is now based at the SeMA Nanji Residency.

  • Kim Jinhui Artist

    After graduating from the University of Seoul, Korea, with a B.F.A in environmental sculpture, Jinhui Kim taught at an art school for several years. One day, the artist experienced a tragic event that left half his face paralyzed, which led him to quit his teaching job and go back to artwork. Kim then began a master’s degree program in sculpture at Seoul National University, Korea, and during this period the artist was able to take some time to dwell in his art world and contemplate future projects. It was then that Kim came up with the idea of creating a series of art projects—the Dust and Color Point-Filters series—and first presented his finished works. He still continues these series today. Kim draws inspiration for his art from “coincidental encounters with dust” in which the artist, who describes himself as a dry and tasteless figure lacking any sensation in the daily life, shuddered with thrill in a rare and precious experience; “visual peculiarities” of observing the world through colored dots; and “physical peculiarities ingrained from the birth,” such as a ringing in the ears or a headache. Since 2008, the artist has held four solo exhibitions as well as a number of group exhibitions.                   

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