• Yeo Daham Artist

    Yeo Daham(b. 1984) studied photography and video art at the Haja Production School in 2003. Since graduating from the school, he has engaged in a multitude of collaborative projects and residency works, as well as holding his first solo exhibition, Dust Control Tower, in 2011. Yeo received the Second Ilmac Art Prize in 2012, and was nominated for the Hermes Foundation Art Award in 2014.

    [Naver Encyclopedia] Yeo Daham, The Life of City Seen through the City Observer (Hello! ARTIST)

  • Kang Dongju Artist

    Kang Dongju graduated from Seoul National University of Science and Technology with a B.F.A. fine arts in 2012 and an M.F.A. in the same major in 2015. In 2012, Kang first held his solo exhibition Black-out at Nuha-dong 256 and since then has participated in numerous exhibitions including Ilhyun Travel Grant at Ilhyun Museum in 2013, New Skin: Modeling and Attaching at Ilmin Museum of Art, and Seoul at DOOSAN Gallery New York. The artist was awarded the Ilhyun Travel Grant by Ilhyun Museum in 2013, OCI Young Creatives award by OCI Museum of Art in 2013, and the Fifth DOOSAN Artist Award by DOOSAN Yonkang Foundation in 2014.

  • Gim Ikhyun Artist

    Born in 1985 in Seoul, Korea, Gim Ikhyun studied Photography and Media Art at Sangmyung University. His major works include Distance, Depth (2010–2016), which explores monuments in Korea, Link Path Layer (2012–2016) on closed mines in Korea, and A Future Where Everyone is Connected (2016), a project on Google Street View’s algorithm. Gim has held several exhibitions at various venues including SeMA and Platform-L.

  • Byun Sanghwan Artist

    Byun Sanghwan earned his BFA and completed a master’s courses in plastic arts at Seoul National University of Science and Technology. Since 2011, the artist has shown his work at several exhibitions and events that took various forms, such as Dongbang Yogoi: In the City, Dongbang Yogoi: Best of Best, This Plus, and Goods and has held solo shows Pure, Solid Courage and Cool Peace, Cool Landing.

  • Jaewon Choi Researcher

    2005 Graduated from Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (Germany) with audiovisual media degree
    2013 Co-organized media art exhibit at Seoul Conference on Cyberspace 2013
    2014 Served on committee for planning R&D of cultural technology at Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
    2015 Directed Nam June Paik: Good Morning, Mr. Orwell 30th Anniversary Special Exhibition at meeting of International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

    2015 “The Time of Out of Joint,” lecture linked to “Circuits and Sequences” exhibit by Haroon Mirza, winner of Nam June Paik Art Center’s international arts award
    2015 “Urban Restoration through Ars Electronica of Linz, Austria,” lecture at Korea Institute of Architects Convention & Exhibition.
    2015 "For the Philosophy of Regeneration: Thinging in a Worlding World!" at workshop hosted by Chungnam Culture Industry Agency

    2012, 2015 Selected chief researcher for Small Research, Better Seoul project by Seoul Institute.
    “Hanok in Contemporary Housing Culture” (Body-City Forum 2012)
    “Research on the Technological Ecology and Future Value of Euljiro and Sewoon Arcades” (Sewoon Electronic Arts Research team, 2015)

    Former head curator at Art Center Nabi and senior curator at Coreana Museum of Art.
    Now visiting researcher at KIAS Transdisciplinary Research Program of Korea Institute for Advanced Study; ICF fellow at International Curators Forum; and lecturer at Seoul National University’s Graduate School of Environment.

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