• KDK Artist

    KDK studied photography at the Seoul Institute of the Arts before completing Meisterschueler and Akademiebrief courses at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany. He has produced many photographs for diverse solo and group exhibitions, including Facility Skins at the Michael Schultz Gallery Seoul in 2011, [b] at Gallery 2 in 2012, Out Of In in Berlin in 2016, and [p] at Perigee Gallery in 2015. He also worked as an artist-in-residence at the SeMA Nanji Residency in 2009, the Changdong Studio in 2010, and the Cité internationale des arts in 2017.

  • Park Gwangsoo Artist

    Park Gwangsoo graduated from the undergraduate and graduate school of Seoul National University of Science and Technology in 2008 with a major in formative arts. Beginning with his first solo show 2001: A SPACE COLONY at Gallery b'ONE in 2011, he held multiple solo shows including Darkest Wind, Bonfire and Drum Sound at Shinhan Gallery and Crack at Doosan Gallery. He also partook in numerous group shows such as DigiFun Art: Urban Scape at Seoul Museum of Art and B-Cut Drawing at Kumho Museum of Art. Among many awards, he received the 2016 Doosan Artist Award and Chong Kun Dang Art Award and has had multiple experiences as an artist-in-residency. Park is active in various fields, even producing the music video for the title song of the band Hyukoh’s first album in 2017.

  • Hong Buhm Artist

    Hong Buhm majored in industrial design at Hongik University and earned his master’s degree from New York School of Visual Arts, where he focused on digital art, photography, and video. He completed artist residency programs in Nebraska and Beijing, and beginning with his solo exhibition in New York, Space Entwine, Hong held a series of exhibitions including Lost Wood at Project Space SARUBIA, Somewhere in Mind at Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Unexpected Drawing at KAIST Gallery, and Hong Buhm.ZIP: Old Exterior at Paradise Zip. Hong also recently partook in the two-person show An-other Column held in DOOSAN Art Center.

  • Yuon Kibaik Artist

    Yuon Kibaik attained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Seoul National University with concentration in sculpture. Yuon’s interest in the overlooked and the neglected things lead him to record the lives of his neighbors, to observe mundane objects, and to reconstruct them into installations. His solo exhibitions include Green Heights at SOMA Drawing Center in Gyeonggi (2012), Enriched History at Zaha Museum in Seoul (2013), Approaching a Place at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon (2014), and Para-site at SongEun ArtSpace in Seoul (2015). Yuon also took part in group shows and residency programs at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon and MMCA Goyang.

  • Kim Borahm Artist

    Kim Borahm graduated from Hongik University with a BFA in woodworking and furniture design and earned her MFA in digital media design at the International Design School for Advanced Studies (IDAS), Hongik University. As a long-time working professional in the field of computer graphics, Kim has shown various works based on various spaces since 2012 by employing different media such as videos, sound, installations, performances, and mobile applications at several events including the Seoul International New Media Festival (NEMAF), Hi Seoul Festival, and Ansan Street Arts Festival. The artist is scheduled to present an exhibition at Gallery Factory next year and is currently preparing for an app-based site-responsive performance, Plug-in City.

  • Minor Adjustment Collective Artist

    Based in Itaewon, Korea, artist Son Hyemin graduated from Kyungwon University with a BFA in painting and from Goldsmiths, University of London, with an MFA in fine art. After earning her master’s degree, Son has been working as part of the artist collective Minor Adjustments since 2010 and she participated in a 2008 publication project initiated by John Reardon, who teaches MA courses in art and politics at Goldsmiths. Son has presented exhibitions that invite the audience to participate in the creation processes by combining performances and city tours, as well as presenting publications and working with artists from different cities across the world.

  • Lee Chunghyung Artist

    Born in 1983 in Seoul, Korea, Lee Chunghyung graduated from Hongik University with a BFA in ceramic art and an MFA in sculpture. Lee emerged as a notable artist for his artworks created from his reinterpretation of the records on the work sites he was working on as a technical director of a gallery. In 2015, his first solo exhibition Fine Works was held at Space Willing N Dealing, while he presented at several group shows. Lee still works at the exhibition space, which continuously provides him with a motif for his works.

  • Lee Yunho Artist

    Lee Yunho studied urban engineering and sculpture at Hongik University. In 2009, Lee left a strong impression on the audience at a PechaKucha 20x20 presentation, and in the same year he held solo exhibitions such as cafe MU: and 15 DAYS ONLY SHOW, PLATFORM PLACE 100 DAYS ONLY SHOP in Seoul. Several other group exhibitions he participated in include GOD SAVE THE MONA LISA at Gallery Plant in 2010, SOUND UN-RESISTANT HOUSE, and AMQ #1, LOWRISE in 2012.

  • Lim Sodam Artist

    Earning a bachelor’s in painting from Kookmin University in 2009, Lim worked as an artist from 2012 to 2014 at the Kumho Art Studio Residency. Group exhibitions that featured her works include Class of 2009 at Do Art Gallery, The Far Side of the Moon at Gallery Skape, and Duft der Zeit at Kumho Museum of Art. She also held the solo exhibitions Rainforest at KT&G Sangsang Madang in 2011 and Eclipse at Gallery Skape in 2015.

  • Chung Jaeyeon Artist

    Born in 1979 in Seoul, Korea, Chung Jaeyeon graduated from the Korea National University of Arts with a B.F.A in fine arts and from Chelsea College of Art and Design in Britain with a M.F.A in fine arts. Chung has worked on projects which attempt to intervene on public spaces through various media of performance, installations, and videos. After a close observation of public spaces, the artist highlights a certain space and employs an artistic methodology of slightly distorting the space’s context and reinterpreting the relationship between an individual and a group. Chung has participated in a number of group exhibitions such as Situated Senses: 30cm of Obscurity at the Old Police Station in 2012, VESSEL 2011 at KARST in 2011, and Supervisions at the Korean Cultural Centre in Britain in 2009 and worked on a joint project titled Opening Project at Arko Art Center in 2013. After a number of international residencies at Austria and Britain, the artist is currently staying and working at the Artist Residency TEMI in Daejeon, Korea.        

  • Kim In-seon Curator

    Kim In-seon studied plastic art at Ewha Womans University in Korea and earned her MA in art history at Pratt Institute in New York. Starting her career at Alternative Space Loop in 1999, she later worked as a coordinator at the Gwangju Biennale from 2001 to 2002, as a curator and a co-curator at the Busan Biennale in 2000 and 2006 respectively, a vice director at the Kukje Gallery from 2003 to 2004, an executive manager for the Anyang Public Art Project in 2005, a head curator at Daelim Museum from 2006 to 2007, and an exhibition manager at Interalia Art Company from 2007 to 2009. Currently, Kim runs her own gallery, Space Willing N Dealing.

  • Wonjoon Yoo Researcher

    Yoo Wonjoon is the CEO of the media art agency THE MEDIUM and the director of the media cultural art channel AliceOn. He received a master's degree from the Hongik University Graduate School of Art with his thesis Study on Digital Media Museum and is currently doing research on media art histories at Danube University in Austria. He was the event team leader for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s 60th anniversary of national liberation event, training director of Art Center Nabi, and the director of the 8th Juan Media Festival. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at the Global School of Media, Soongsil University, and is also lecturing at Chung-Ang University, Korea National University of Arts, and Hongik University. His main areas of interest are contemporary art, new media art, and game art, and he is especially interested in expanding human experience and perception through new media and technology. He is also the operation committee member of the Techno-Aesthetic Society and the Art Bank of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. He has written New Media Art and Game Arts (2013) and Game and Culture Studies (2008, co-author).

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