• Bin Woohyuk Artist

    Bin Woohyuk completed BA and MA degrees in Plastic Arts at the Korean National University of Arts. He held his first solo exhibition, Stirring Still, at the OCI Museum of Art in 2014, and his ninth, Luftzeichner, at the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art in 2018. He has also participated in many group exhibitions.
    Bin received the Emerging Artist Award from Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in 2013 and the Young Artist of Our Times from the Bank of Korea in 2016, and was selected as the GMoMA-GCC Quantum Jump Artist in 2017.

  • Byun Sanghwan Artist

    Byun Sanghwan earned his BFA and completed a master’s courses in plastic arts at Seoul National University of Science and Technology. Since 2011, the artist has shown his work at several exhibitions and events that took various forms, such as Dongbang Yogoi: In the City, Dongbang Yogoi: Best of Best, This Plus, and Goods and has held solo shows Pure, Solid Courage and Cool Peace, Cool Landing.

  • Bac Ho Un Artist

    Born in Daegu, Korea, Bac Ho Un graduated from Seoul National University with a BFA in Western painting in 2005 and an MFA in the same major in 2014. The artist collects spoken words that reveal the injustices of society and bundles them into images. Bac’s works have been presented at his solo exhibition Malicious Comments in 2012 and several group exhibitions. Recently, he held the solo show Linguistic Crack at CEAAC in Strasbourg, France, in 2015 as part of an International Exchange Program.

  • Bae Yoon Hwan Artist

    Bae Yoon Hwan received a B.F.A. in fine arts from Seowon University, Korea, and M.F.A. from the Department of Painting from Kyungwon University, Korea. Bae is interested in dealing with inherent problems in society and history, while weaving a narrative through drawings and paintings based on his personal life. The artist first held his solo exhibition WAS IT A CAT I SAW? at Insa Art Space in Seoul, Korea, and was selected one of the ten finalists awarded by the 36th JoongAng FineArts Prize organized by JoongAng Ilbo. 

  • Byun Yoonhee Artist

    Byun Yoonhee graduated from Duksung Women's University with a bachelor's degree in fine arts and a master's degree in Asian painting. She held four solo exhibitions since her debut in 2008 with the exhibition Her Appetite: Appetite Stress. Based on her observations of daily life and her own experiences, her paintings express images of human beings living in various forms of universal lives.

  • Bien-U Bae Artist

    Born in Yeosu, Bae Bien-U is one of Korea’s leading photographers. Since graduating from the Department of Applied Arts at Hongik University, he has traveled the world with the firm belief that “a photograph is a picture painted with light.” During that time, he has captured Korean nature in a dazzling array of ways. In addition to his pictures captured in the Pine Tree Series, which earned him international recognition, he has worked on other series as well. This includes his Orum Series, pictures of parasitic volcanoes on Jeju Island, his Seascape Series, portraying islands and the sea around Korea’s southern coast, and his Wind Series, which captures natural landscapes stirring in the wind. He has also taken photographs of landscapes in Tahiti, New Caledonia, and Spain’s Alhambra Palace. With numerous invitational shows and exhibitions overseas, he has introduced the beauty of Korea to many around the world. After retiring from his 30-year professorship at the Seoul Institute of the Arts, he has been focusing his time on photography. At present, he is planning a large-scale show featuring his Wind Series and Seascape Series. 

  • Boram Lim Curator

    Over her long career as a curator, Lim has planned a number of independent projects and exhibits such as Everyday Is Not the Same (2008) in Shanghai; Director’s Cut (2008) in Seoul; Yeomiji Art Project (2009) in Jeju; O’NewWall Mayfest (2013) in Seoul; Site Explorers (2013) in Kumamoto, Japan; Yurang (流浪): Site Explorers (2015) in Seoul; The Traveling Artists Project (2015) in Seoul, Gangneung and Gunsan; the Korean-Japanese video art project Echography (2016) in Kyoto; APAP5 Open Theater MeMeme (2016) in Anyang; and Audiovisual (Film) Critique (2017) in Seoul. Her arts space Plan B Project Space opened in Seoul in 2017, and Lim is active in a variety of work from international video art projects to planning exhibits on architecture, film and visual arts, critique and publishing.

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