• Eom Yujeong Artist

    Eom Yujeong earned her B.F.A. in painting at Hongik University. Eom has presented her works at numerous solo shows and special exhibitions. At her solo exhibition Take It Easy, You Can Find It at Artist Run Space 413 in 2014, the artist presented the works she produced during a residency in Iceland. Recently Eom held Desert, Sloth, Bread, Human Things Like That at Gallery Factory. Publications of her work include White Mountain and Drawing A.

  • ETC Artist

    Founded by Lee Saem, Jun Bokyung and Jin Narae in 2012, the Enterprise of Temporary Consensus (ETC) is an artist collective which dubs itself as a virtual enterprise based on temporary consensus between three artists. The enterprise provides intangible artistic services under the vision of a “business hub for a human centered society and the future of art.” It also views social phenomena from the viewpoint of an artist who is marginalized in society and reconstitutes the borders between truth and fiction through their unique, artistic imagination.     

  • Everyware Artist

    Bang Hyunwoo, half of the creative computing duo Everyware, graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. He worked as an assistant professor in the same department until last fall. Heo Yunsil also graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in Korean language and design, then studied media art in the US. Oasis, Memoirs, Soak, Cloud Pink, and The Wall are some of their most famous works. They have been invited to numerous galleries including the National Museum of Art in Tokyo, Ars Electronica Center in Austria, and Victoria and Albert Museum in England.

  • Eun Kyung Chung Gallerist

    Chung received a bachelor’s in archeology and art history from Korea University and a master’s in Renaissance and contemporary art history from Ewha Womans University. Her undergraduate thesis is titled “Studies on Recumbent Effigies Discovered in Mogao Caves in Dunhuang”; and her master’s thesis was on “Expansion of Genres in the Collage Novels of Max Ernst.” Since January 2014, Chung has written columns for the monthly journal Exhibit Guide. She has also headed since 2009 EC World, an agency helps students who wish to study abroad, and EK Art Gallery. She helps fledgling artists enter the mainstream art world each year through exhibits such as First Footsteps and Door to the Future. Another project she pursues is strategic promotion of artists in the international market.

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