• Kim Mooyoung Artist

    Kim Mooyoung, a native of Seoul, studied the art of film and video at the California Institute of the Arts (BFA and MFA). He held a solo exhibition titled Under the Flag (Hapjeong Zone) in 2017, and has participated in a number of group exhibitions at Deluge Contemporary Art in Canada, Soma Museum of Art in Seoul, and Basis Frankfurt in Germany. Kim has worked as an artist-in-residence at the Goyang Residency in Gyeonggi-do and the Frankfurt AIR in Germany, and is currently an artist-in-residence at the Geumho Art Studio.

  • KDK Artist

    KDK studied photography at the Seoul Institute of the Arts before completing Meisterschueler and Akademiebrief courses at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany. He has produced many photographs for diverse solo and group exhibitions, including Facility Skins at the Michael Schultz Gallery Seoul in 2011, [b] at Gallery 2 in 2012, Out Of In in Berlin in 2016, and [p] at Perigee Gallery in 2015. He also worked as an artist-in-residence at the SeMA Nanji Residency in 2009, the Changdong Studio in 2010, and the Cité internationale des arts in 2017.

  • Kim Seung-gu Artist

    Kim Seunggu graduated from Sangmyung University in 2007 where he majored photography, and graduated from Korea National University of Arts with a BA and an MA in Plastic Arts in 2012.

    Since then Kim has held a number of solo exhibitions including List of Landscapes at Song Eun Art Cube, Envisaged in Dreams at the Post Territory Ujeongguk, and A Day Trip at Artbit Gallery, as well as participating in various group exhibitions including Our Happy Days at the Buk Seoul Museum of Art, 50X50 at the Art Sonje Center, and Geyonggi Art Prism at the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art.

    He has also been invited to a number of events such as the 2014 event organized by Song Eun Art Cube, exhibitions financed by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture in 2016 and 2018, and BMW Photospace Photography sponsored by the Go Eun Cultural Foundation, and was selected as the Artist of the Year supported by the KT&G Sangsang Madang. Currently, he is preparing for a solo exhibition at Chicago Filter Photo which will be held in 2019.

  • Kwon Hyewon Artist

    Kwon Hyewon graduated from the School of Film, TV and Multimedia, Korea National University of Arts, before studying media art at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL in London, UK.
    She was selected for the Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2011, and received the Excellence Prize (Ususang) at the 34th Joong-Ang Fine Arts Prize (Excellence Prize). Kwon worked as the artist-in-residence at the SeMA Nanji Residency in 2016, and the Goyang Residency in 2017.
    Recently, she has participated in such events as Common Front, Affectively held at the Nam June Paik Art Center and The Arrival of New Women at the Deoksugung Gallery of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

  • Kim Kyungtae Artist

    After majoring in graphics at Chung-Ang University, Kim has been working as a graphic designer. In 2012, he switched his major to photography and completed the Art Direction master’s course at Lausanne University of Art and Design in Switzerland. Kim published his portfolio in collections On The Rocks, Cathédrale de Lausanne 1505–2022, and Angles while also showing his body of work through the exhibitions Wellknown Unknown at Kukje Gallery (2016), Graphic Design, 2005–2012, Seoul at Ilmin Museum of Art (2016), and Papers and Concrete: Modern Architecture in Korea 1987–1997 at MMCA Seoul (2017).

  • Kim Yeoin Artist

    Kim Yeojin graduated from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts with bachelor’s and master’s degrees, participated in numerous group shows such as Une inconnue d’avance and Travaux Publics held in Paris, and is currently a residing artist at Cheongju Art Studio.

  • Kim Donghee Artist

    Kim Donghee majored in printing at Hongik University. While an undergraduate student, he started Free Home Project using an abandoned space within the campus, which led to collaborations with various fellow artists in re-engaging spaces that have lost their original functionality, receiving much attention from the art scene. Through House of Dispersed Layers in 2014, Opera Coast in 2015, Open Studio in 2017, and 3 Volumes in 2017, Kim is continuously building his unique line of work by creating eclectic spaces.

  • Kim Jongbum Artist

    Since his establishment of the art workshop NONAME NOSHOP in 2003, Kim Jongbum has been working as an artist and an exhibition space designer. His first solo show was LIFECYCLE SHOW held in 2014 at D Museum D Project Space. Recently in 2016, he was appointed as the exhibition designer for the show Making is Thinking is Making: New Korean Craft held at La Triennale di Milano, and for the exhibition Activating the City: Urban Gastronomy at MMCA. Kim is a part of the spin-off team Ab Group with Lee Hyeyeon and is also a partner at Seoul Model Factory with engineer Choi Jongun.

  • Kim Sylbee Artist

    Upon graduation of School of Visual Arts, Korea National University of Arts, Kim Sylbee acquired a Meisterschueler from Berlin University of the Arts for media art. Since 2005, Kim has been alternating back and forth Berlin and Seoul, presenting works ranging from video to installation, two-dimensional works, and performance. Kim held solo exhibitions at Insa Art Space, Space O’Newwall, and Project Space SARUBIA, and participated in group shows hosted at Mediacity Seoul, MMCA Seoul, and Seoul Museum of Art, as well as at the new Kunstverein in Berlin and The Real DMZ. In 2017, her work was selected for the Seventh Sindoh Artist Support Program.

  • Kim Inbai Artist

    Kim Inbai graduated from Hongik University with a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. in sculpture in 2003 and 2009 respectively. Kim has held numerous solo exhibitions including Stand on the Edge of Dimensions at Gallery Skape, Turbulent O'Clock at DOOSAN Gallery New York in New York in the United States, and Eliminate Points, Lines and Planes at Arario Gallery in Seoul, Korea. The artists also has participated in a variety of group exhibitions as well, such as Sema 2004 at Seoul Museum of Art, APMAP 2014 JEJU, BETWEEN WAVES at Amorepacific Museum of Art, Animamix Biennale 2015–2016 at MOCA Shanghai, Body Matters: Art as Discourse, Performativity, Representation at Soma Olympic Museum of Art, and Plastic Myths at Gwangju Asia Culture Center.

  • Kang Dongju Artist

    Kang Dongju graduated from Seoul National University of Science and Technology with a B.F.A. fine arts in 2012 and an M.F.A. in the same major in 2015. In 2012, Kang first held his solo exhibition Black-out at Nuha-dong 256 and since then has participated in numerous exhibitions including Ilhyun Travel Grant at Ilhyun Museum in 2013, New Skin: Modeling and Attaching at Ilmin Museum of Art, and Seoul at DOOSAN Gallery New York. The artist was awarded the Ilhyun Travel Grant by Ilhyun Museum in 2013, OCI Young Creatives award by OCI Museum of Art in 2013, and the Fifth DOOSAN Artist Award by DOOSAN Yonkang Foundation in 2014.

  • Kim Borahm Artist

    Kim Borahm graduated from Hongik University with a BFA in woodworking and furniture design and earned her MFA in digital media design at the International Design School for Advanced Studies (IDAS), Hongik University. As a long-time working professional in the field of computer graphics, Kim has shown various works based on various spaces since 2012 by employing different media such as videos, sound, installations, performances, and mobile applications at several events including the Seoul International New Media Festival (NEMAF), Hi Seoul Festival, and Ansan Street Arts Festival. The artist is scheduled to present an exhibition at Gallery Factory next year and is currently preparing for an app-based site-responsive performance, Plug-in City.

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