• Lee Jinju Artist

    After graduating from Hongik University with a B.F.A. and an M.F.A. in oriental painting, Lee Jinju has held a number of solo exhibitions domestically and internationally with her first solo show Patternholic at Gallery DOS in Korea and other shows at DOOSAN Gallery New York, Arario Gallery Seoul, and BAIKART Gallery. In 2009, the artist won the Award of Excellence at the Thirty-First Joongang Fine Arts Prize, while in 2014 she received another Award of Excellence from the Songeun Art Award. Lee has been actively presenting her works to the public.

  • Lee Dongwook Artist

    Lee Dongwook received his B.F.A. and M.F.A. in painting at Hongik University. With his first solo exhibition in 2003, Lee has presented a number of solo exhibitions domestically and internationally at Galleri Charlotte Lund in Sweden, DOOSAN Gallery New York, Avanthay Contemporary in Zurich, Switzerland, and recently at Perigee Gallery in Seoul, Korea. Lee has also shown his works at different group exhibitions held across the world, representing the Korean art world. Currently he is represented at Arario Gallery, and his works are collected by MMCA in Korea, Burger Collection in Germany, Rubell Family Collection in the US, and Today Art Museum in China.

  • Lee Hyein Artist

    Lee Hyein attended Seoul National University, where she earned a B.F.A. and M.F.A. in painting. In 2007, Lee was selected for the JoongAng Fine Arts Prize, and she held residency at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin, Germany, in 2012 and at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon in 2014. With Upon the Roof at Woosuk Gallery, Seoul National University, in 2007, the artist has held a number of solo exhibitions including The Complete Moments at DOOSAN Gallery New York in 2015. Lee has also presented at various group shows such as Young Korean Artists 2008: I AM AN ARTIST at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in 2008 and Draw—WooJin Baek, HyeIn Lee at Project Space SARUBIA in 2010.

  • Lee Mire Artist

    Lee Mire earned her BFA in sculpture and another BFA in media art as interdisciplinary major at Seoul National University. Lee has held three solo exhibitions including War Isn’t Won by Soldiers It’s Won by Sentiment at Insa Art Space in 2014. From 2012 to 2016, the artist participated in numerous group exhibitions and projects. Lee was recognized as selected artist by 99℃, a supporting program run by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC) and Seoul Art Space Seogyo in 2013 and received the ARKO Young Art Frontier Grant from Arts Council Korea in 2014.

  • Lee Jinhan Artist

    Lee Jinhan (b. 1982) graduated from Hongik University and received a master’s degree at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design and Goldsmiths, University of London. Currently, Lee is in the PhD program at UCL Slade School of Fine Art in the United Kingdom. The artist has held several solo exhibitions at HADA Contemporary in London, Alternative Space Loop, and Gallery EM and was recognized as a selected artist by Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Saatchi Gallery New Sensations, Alternative Space Loop, and the Guasch Coranty Painting Prize. Lee won the Award of Excellence in the 33rd JoongAng Fine Arts Prize competition.

  • Lee Sujin Artist

    Lee Sujin graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art and received a master’s degree in studio art and performance studies at New York University. Lee received the Millay Colony for the Arts Residency, Robert W. Simpson Fellowship in 2009, and the A.I.R. Gallery Fellowship in 2012 and 2013. In 2016, the artist was selected as one of SeMA’s Emerging Artists to hold her first solo exhibition The Distance between Words at Cake Gallery.

  • Lee Chunghyung Artist

    Born in 1983 in Seoul, Korea, Lee Chunghyung graduated from Hongik University with a BFA in ceramic art and an MFA in sculpture. Lee emerged as a notable artist for his artworks created from his reinterpretation of the records on the work sites he was working on as a technical director of a gallery. In 2015, his first solo exhibition Fine Works was held at Space Willing N Dealing, while he presented at several group shows. Lee still works at the exhibition space, which continuously provides him with a motif for his works.

  • Lee Eunsae Artist

    Lee Eunsae earned a BFA in Western painting at Hongik University and an MFA in fine arts at Korea National University of Arts in Korea. Starting with the group exhibition Heavy, Deep and Dark at Yeemock Gallery in 2011, Lee featured in several other group shows such as Today’s Salon at Common Center and Unfamiliar Air at Space BM. In 2015, the artist held two solo exhibitions, Crack; Interference; Witness at Gallery Chosun and Crack; Interference; Witnesses at Seoul Art Space Seogyo.

  • Lee Yunho Artist

    Lee Yunho studied urban engineering and sculpture at Hongik University. In 2009, Lee left a strong impression on the audience at a PechaKucha 20x20 presentation, and in the same year he held solo exhibitions such as cafe MU: and 15 DAYS ONLY SHOW, PLATFORM PLACE 100 DAYS ONLY SHOP in Seoul. Several other group exhibitions he participated in include GOD SAVE THE MONA LISA at Gallery Plant in 2010, SOUND UN-RESISTANT HOUSE, and AMQ #1, LOWRISE in 2012.

  • Lim Sodam Artist

    Earning a bachelor’s in painting from Kookmin University in 2009, Lim worked as an artist from 2012 to 2014 at the Kumho Art Studio Residency. Group exhibitions that featured her works include Class of 2009 at Do Art Gallery, The Far Side of the Moon at Gallery Skape, and Duft der Zeit at Kumho Museum of Art. She also held the solo exhibitions Rainforest at KT&G Sangsang Madang in 2011 and Eclipse at Gallery Skape in 2015.

  • Lee Fi Artist

    Born in 1981 in Seoul, Korea, Lee Fi held her first solo exhibition when she was a freshman in high school. After earning her BFA and MFA in fine arts at School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the United States, Lee has expanded from creating two-dimensional work to creating multi-dimensional art, currently presenting a wide array of installation works. Starting with her solo exhibition held after her homecoming to Korea at Gallery Artlink in 2010, the artist has held and participated in a number of solo exhibitions including The Cabinet of Fi’s Curiosities and The Whole World on My Face as well as various group exhibitions. Lee is currently participating in the SeMA Nanji Residency.   

  • Leehaiminsun Artist

    Born in 1977 in Seoul, Korea, Leehaiminsun graduated from Yong-in University with a B.F.A and a M.F.A in painting. The artist captures a point where humans and nature, artificiality and nature, and life and death encounter each other and materialize in forms of drawing, painting, or installation. Since 2003, Lee has held a number of solo exhibitions such as Transitory Special Transformation: Drawing and Movie at Gallery King in 2006, The Half-dead Things-Planta Erectus: Drawing at Nanji Gallery of the Nanji Residency Studio in 2010, and Water and Steamed Rice at Amadoyeasul Space in 2013. Her group exhibitions include Creation Anatomy at Gyeonggido Museum of Art in 2008, Planet_A at Ilmin Museum in 2009, Anomaly of Betweens at Sarubia-dabang in 2012, and Les Flaneurs at Gallery Skape in 2013. Leehaiminsun won a residency at the Nanji Art Studio of Seoul Museum of Art in 2010 and at Goyang Studio of National Museum of Contemporary Art in 2012.​

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