Arario Gallery RYSE HOTEL

In April 2018, ARARIO GALLERY opened their second gallery in Seoul. Located on the basement floor of the hotel named 'RYSE AUTOGRAPH COLLECTION' in Hongdae area, ARARIO GALLERY targets to introduce more exceptional and extraordinary artworks to the art scene. The location of Hongdae does not just highlight the geological meaning, but also represents experiment, trial, originality, changes, and the cultural, artistic spirits of the young generation. ARARIO GALLERY Ryse Hotel plans to retrace the origins of Hongdae’s spirit that represented experimentation and originality, and bring these back to Hongdae now with young international artists.

director(s): Kim Ci

Address 04038 130, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul Tel +82-(0)2-338-6700
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