Gallery Mee

Gallery Mee was founded in Seoul, Korea in 1977. It has been searching and supporting talented Korean artists and promoting a wide range of art shows and events in paintings, sculptures and prints. Gallery Mee maintains a strong commitment to nurturing Korean artists to get global exposures through various international exhibitions and auctions such as Christie's.
Gallery Mee also hosted 'the Special Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art' in Korea long before the true value of Chinese contemporary art was recognized. It was the remarkable milestone for opening a gate to Chinese contemporary art for Korean artists as well as Korean art collectors. These essential qualities coupled with genuine passion to encourage Korean art world to broaden their spectrum secured Gallery Mee's position as one of the most influential advocates for Korean contemporary art.
With an unparalleled eye for spotting outstanding artists in a crowd, Gallery Mee could select many artists as core of Korean art to represent. Constant efforts to create a better inspiring portfolio of Korean artists will be incessant.

Director(s): Ran Young Lee

Address (06011) Naturepoem #312, 461, Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Tel +82-2-542-3004
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