Gallery bk

Gallery BK, started in Hannam-dong, Seoul in 2011, has been showcasing introduce the work of established artists and their idea to the public along with the activity of discovering talented and promising young artists who have not paid attention yet.

Since opening, Gallery BK has been working on to bridge between artists and collectors through exhibitions and artist promotions that show diversity in order to build our own unique cultural ground in the recent art market which various genres coexist. In addition, we provide art consulting services to not only corporate also private collectors to provides a quality environment according to their vision, purpose, and taste.

Hereafter, in order to enhance public consciousness for contemporary art amid rapid changes in global art market, Gallery BK aim to provide an opportunity to collectors from various classes to enjoy the works of emerging and prominent artists according to their own preferences.

Address BK Hannam : 25, Daesagwan-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea Tel 02 790 7079
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