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Continuity and Intensity: 2008-2010, 58 participants and contemporary art in Korea

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Editor/s Ahn Kyunghwa, Chang Yunju, Kang Yumi, Kil Yekyung, Kim Heejin, Kim Heejin
Writer/s Ahn Kyunghwa, Chang Yunju, Kang Yumi, Kil Yekyung, Kim Heejin, Kim Heejin
Publisher Forum A
Description City (2009). The catalogue section includes artist biographies.

'Continuity and Intensity contains opinions and ideas of 58 key art practitioners of the local contemporary art scene of Korea during the past two years. The timeframe of 2008 and 2009 lying behind this book is the point of transition from progressive to conservative national politics, which brought along drastic reconfiguration of cultural order in the region. Witnessing a sharp reduction and perishment of qualified discourses in the field in 2010, this book intentionally retrieves two meaningful projects in 2008 and 2009 that were close to vanish by the scandalous policy change and book closure. The one is "Guerrilla Salon", discursive dialogue sessions held with more than 35 artists, curators and critics organized by the joint venture of the 7th Gwangu Biennale (Art Director, Okwui Enwezor) and Insa Art Space (IAS) of the Arts Council Korea; and the other is "Unconquered: Critical Visions from South Korea", an exhibition project of 5 artists (Chan-kyong Park, Minouk Lim, Beom Kim, Young Whan Bae, and Sangdon Kim) co-conceived by IAS (curator, Heejin Kim) and Museum as Hub partnership.' - Publisher's website

Note: The edited transcripts of the salons are in Korean only.
Chapter Heading/s New Place for Language
> Background: Plenary Sessions, 7th Gwangju Biennale (Seoul, Beijing 2008) > Formations of Global Civil Society and Domains of Public Culture - Okwui ENWEZOR 8008 The Reality and Utterance of Contemporary Korean Art - PARK Sohyeon
> 8008 Guerrilla Salons 1-5: Proposals by Park Chan-Kyong, Lee Youngwook, Shim Sang Yong, Seo Dong-Jin, Young Min Moon
> Salon 1: The 'Criticality' of Contemporary Art and the 'Interest' of Artists
> Salon 2: The Topography of Criticism: Recontextualizing Modernism, Minjung Art, Postmodernism
> Salon 3: The Light and Shade of Art in the Age of Neoliberalism
> Salon 4: Minjung Art and Beyond: A New World of Visual Life and the Politics of Art
> Criticality in the Present
> Self-Reviewing the Project Unconquered as Unconquered - KIM Heejin
> Unidentified Valuable Object - Doryun CHONG
Language English, Korean
ISBN / ISSN 9788996567417
Year of Publication 2010
Keyword/s Conference, perennial exhibition, installation, photography, sculpture, video art, South Korea, Youngwhan, KIM Beom, KIM Sangdon, LIM Minouk, PARK Chankyong
Sub-category Conference Proceedings, Exhibition Catalogue
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