Contemporary Korean Photography

Alternative title Tradition or Plastic Pop? South Korean photography 1986-2015
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Editor/s Suejin SHIN
Writer/s Suejin SHIN
Publisher Hatje Cants
Description The seventy-five photographers selected in this project observe and interpret social and cultural changes in Korea from their own perspectives: the meditative black-and-white nature studies by Bien-U BAE contrast strongly with the pseudo-American plastic world of Sungsoo KOO; the psychologizing, intense portraits by Soonchoel BYUN respond to Sanghyun LEE and his garish, ironizing quotes of Korean history.Korea is expressed through portraits, cityscapes, records of daily life and digitally reconstructed works by, among others, Bien-U Bae, Sungsoo Koo, Soonchoel Byun and Sanghyun Lee.
They are a generation of photographers from South Korea who can justifiably be referred to as pioneers has caused quite a sensation on the global photo scene. Since the late 1980s, the visual arts in South Korea have quantitatively expanded against the background of rapid economic growth. Their photos would be every differentiating answers for the shift of Korean traces and now.
Chapter Heading/s 7 preface
17 Chapter 1. A Record of The Soul
87 Chapter 2. The Korean
193 Chapter 3. Social Landscape
289 Chapter 4. Ideal Nature
379 Chapter 5. Desire and Fulfillment
459 Chapter 6. Ways of Experience
555 Chapter 7. Accumulated Evidence
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Language English
No. of Pages 624
ISBN / ISSN ISBN-13 978-3-7757-4040-1
ISSN-10 3775740406
Year of Publication 2017
Keyword/s Korean photo, Korean contemporary photography, Bien-U BAE, Sungsoo KOO, Soonchoel BYUN, Sanghyun LEE, Bien-U Bae, Sungsoo Koo, Soonchoel Byun, Sanghyun Lee
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