A Guide to Korean Contemporary Art

Alternative title theARTRO: Platform for Korean Contemporary Art
Category Leaflet
Editor/s Myungeon OH
Publisher Korea Arts Management Service(KAMS)
Description theARTRO is a platform for international exchange of Korean contemporary art. A guide to Korean Contemporary Art introduces the discourses and people in Korean art scene, as well as building a database on art spaces and events. In this guide, it introduces four aspects of the art culture in Korea: biennials in Korea, Korea's art spaces, history of Korean modern and contemporary art, and Korean art market.
Chapter Heading/s 1. Biennials in Korea - Seungyeon CHANG
2. Meeting Korea's Art Spaces - Sukkwon HWANG
3. History of Korean Modern and Contemporary Art - KIM Yisoon
4. The Korean Art Market - Sookang PARK
Language English
No. of Pages 53
Year of Publication 2014
Keyword/s Biennale, Korean art, Art Spaces, Art history, Art market
Sub-category Korean Art Guide
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