Alternative title Korea Contemporary art now
Category Magazine
Editor/s Stephanie Britton AM with Yoon Jin Sup
Publisher Artlink Australia
Description This bilingual edition on Korean art surveys the response of artists to ultra-rapid modernisation, the north-south division, dissent, gender, performance and the legacies of occupation layered upon timeless cultural traditions. Conceived as an introduction to contemporary Korean art, this edition supports Australia's cultural relationship with Korea, nurtured through residencies and reciprocal exhibitions.
Chapter Heading/s - A short guide to modern and contemporary art in Korea - Kim Yi-soon
- An alternative to the Korean Wave - Roald Maliangkay
- The rogue aesthetic practice of crossing the DMZ - Gim Jong-gil
- Ecology and new border paradigms: The real DMZ project - Lee Sun-young
- Filling the holes of history with the present: Cho Duck Hyun, Noh Suntag and Jo Haejun - Jung Hyun
- Art-science convergence: High-tech/media/robotics/post-human - Hye Jin Mun
- The world of Dansaekhwa: Spirit, tactility and performance - Yoon Jin Sup
- Resilience and imagination: Women and art in Korea today - Lee Phil
Language Korean / English
No. of Pages 108
ISBN / ISSN ISSN: 0727-1239
Year of Publication 2015
Keyword/s Korean art, Contemporary art, Dansaekhwa, guide, DMZ, Korean art history, Feminism, Women
Sub-category Korean Art Guide
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