Extreme Beauty: 12 Korean Artists Today

Alternative title Extreme Beauty: 12 Korean Artists Today
Category Book
Editor/s HG Masters and Elaine W. Ng
Writer/s Henri-Francois Debailleux, Gokcan Demirkazik, David Elliott, Taeyi Kim, Daehyung Lee, Soojin Lee, Melanie Pocock, Andrew Russeth, Billy Tang, Jung-ah Woo, Yeon Shim Chung,
Publisher artasiapacific
Description Co-published by the Korea Arts Management and Art Asia Pacific, this book is a response to the recent surge of interest in the Korean art market and rising demand for works by both established and emerging artists from Korea. The Artists introduced herein represent a variety of age groups, genres, and artistic styles, and reflect the diversity that defines Korean art today.
Chapter Heading/s Suki Seokyeong Kang : Corporeal Presence
Koh San Keum : Addictive Subtraction
Koo Jeong A : Uncertainty Principles
Lee Dongi : Bricolage Pop
Kang Seung Lee : Manual Transformations
Mire Lee : Post-industrial Grotesque
Seulgi Lee : Humanely Crafted
Lee Wan : Standard Politics
Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho : Contemplation Platform
Nam Tchun-mo : Rule by Line
Meekyong Shin : Back to the Time of Ruins
Yeesookyung : Beauty in the Extreme
Language English
No. of Pages 250
ISBN / ISSN 978-0-9896885-7-4
Year of Publication 2022
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