Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea- Tradition, Modernity, and Identity (Korean Culture Series)

Category Book
Editor/s YONG-NA KIM
Writer/s YONG-NA KIM
Publisher Hollym International Corporation(Elizabeth, NJ, USA)
Description Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea deals with issues of tradition, modernity, and identity in modern and contemporary Korean art in Korea. On a deeper level, this is one of the only books of its kind in English that exposes readers to specific artists and their works, an especially useful resource for those who wish to know more than just surface level facts about Korean art.
Chapter Heading/s 1. Introduction
2. Colonial Modernity Contested
1) The Emergence of Modern Art and Artists
2) Expressions of Modernity
3) Art Exhibitions
3. The Spread of International Modernism
1) Reconstruction and Post-Korean War Art
2) Korean Art Informel
4. Identity and Tradition Reconsidered
1) The Monochrome Art Movement
2) Minjung Art
3) Revival of and Innovation in Ink Painting
5. Today's Contemporary Korean Art
1) The Lure of International Art
2) Korean Artists Overseas
6. The Other Half: Art in North Korea
7. Epilogue
8. List of Artists' Names
9. List of Illustrations
Language English
No. of Pages 121 pages
ISBN / ISSN ISBN-10: 1565912152
Year of Publication 2005
Keyword/s Modern, Contemporary Art, Colonial Modernity, Post-Korean War, Korean Art Informel, Monochrome Art, Minjung Art, Ink Painting
Sub-category Art History
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