Coexisting Differences- Women Artists in Contemporary Korean Art

Category Book
Editor/s JIN Whuiyeon
Writer/s JIN Whuiyeon
Publisher Hollym International Corp. (Elizabeth, NJ, USA); Arts Council Korea
Description This book takes as its point of departure nine examples of Korean woman artists and proceeds to explore different grounds of theoretical issues that lie on the blurring boundaries of art history, criticism, theory, and philosophy. Ideas that are taken accounted into include localisation of culture, modernity outside the context of the West, Korean (art) history, feminism and art, as well as the role of women artists in the contemporary capitalist art world.
Chapter Heading/s 1. Introduction: Emergences of Korean Women Artists and Their Identities
2. Bespeaking History and Reality: Yun Sujnam, Kimsooja
3. Issues with Ambiguous Boundaries: Yang Haegue, Kim Sora, Nikki S. Lee, Koo Jeong-a
4. Politics, Craft, and Religions of Future in Arts: Yee Sookyung, Lim Minouk, Ham Younjoo
5. Conclusion: Vision for Korean Art and Transboundary Philosophy
Language English
No. of Pages 176 pages
ISBN / ISSN ISBN-13 : 9781565913325
Year of Publication 2012
Keyword/s Woman, Artist, Feminist Art, Yun Suknam, Kimsooja, Yang Haegue, Kim Sora, Nikki S. Lee, Koo Jeong-a, Yee Sookyung, Lim Minouk, Ham Younjoo
Sub-category Art History
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