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Hakgojae Gallery, 《Kim Ho-deuk》

11 Mar 2019 - 07 April 2019

Kim Ho-deuk, 〈Flow〉, 2018. Ink on cotton fabric, 159 x 248 cm. ⓒthe Artist and Hakgojae Gallery

Kim Ho-deuk, 〈Flow〉, 2018. Ink on cotton fabric, 159 x 248 cm. ⓒthe Artist and Hakgojae Gallery

Dates: 6 MAR 2019 – 7 APR 2019
Venue: Hakgojae Gallery, Seoul

Hakgojae Gallery presents the works of Kim Ho-deuk (b. 1950, Daegu, Korea) in his solo exhibition on view from 6th March to 7th April, 2019. This large-scale exhibition accumulates and presents the oeuvre of the artist, who is acclaimed by the global art world for his works that suggest a new potential of contemporary ink-and-wash paintings.

Kim forms his picture-screen through speedy reflexes of dashing off one lively brushstroke. Simple yet intense style of brushstroke and ink is his specialty. Although he studied both Western and Oriental paintings equally, he has been solely persisting in paper, brush, and ink (紙筆墨) for the past 35 years as an artist, based on his belief that as a person born in Korea, one must seek the future of traditional Korean painting. However, he does not restrict himself in the form of traditional ink-and-wash paintings. Kim experiments with various techniques and materials, and uses contemporary formative senses. He also prefers to use coarse cotton fabric instead of calligraphy rice paper, or creates large installation works using Hanji (traditional Korean paper). Kim’s recent ink-and-wash paintings and installations will be extensively presented in this exhibition.

Kim received the 15th Lee Joong Sup Award (Chosun Ilbo, Seoul) in 2004, and the 4th Cultural Award of Kim Swoo Geun Foundation (Fine Art) (Kim Swoo Geun Foundation, Seoul) in 1993, and more. His works are a part of prestigious domestic art institutions’ collections such as National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Gwacheon, Korea), Seoul Museum of Art (Seoul), Daejeon Museum of Art (Daejeon, Korea), and more.


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