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Hayoun Kwon, 《Si proche et pourtant si loin》

28 Feb 2019 - 05 May 2019

권하윤 이미지 1.jpg

Exhibition view of 《Si proche et pourtant si loin》. Photo© Arario Gallery Shanghai

This exhibition marks Hayoun Kwon's first presentation in China. The title of the exhibition, Si proche et pourtant si loin embodies the sentiment of an eternal separation in spite of something seems close but is in fact far away. Due to various factors such as political issues and foreign relations, certain areas of the world are access prohibited to most people. However, a way of arriving at these unattainable sites would be through the technology of virtual reality. Hayoun Kwon borrows others' memories and VR technology to emanate the viewer into a real imagined experience. With these moving-images rich in imagination, the artist has caught the attention of the global art world. This solo exhibition will present Hayoun Kwon's four video works and one VR work at Arario Gallery Shanghai.

Further information: http://www.arariogallery.com/
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