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Peabody Essex Museum, 《Kimsooja: Archive of Mind》

22 June 2019 - 19 Jan 2020

업로드용20170511 Kimsooja Archive of Mind_Jean-Pierre Gabriel-Full JPG.jpg

Kimsooja and her work 〈Archive of Mind〉, 2017. Photoⓒ Jean-Pierre Gabriel

Kimsooja’s work transforms simple, everyday actions into moments of meditation and transcendence. 〈Archive of Mind〉 is a participatory installation that, with visitor collaboration, builds over the course of the exhibition. Peabody Essex Museum presents the North American premiere of this work, where museum visitors are encouraged to sit at the large work surface, empty their minds of distraction, and sink into the essentialized experience of forming a ball of clay with their own hands. Through the course of the exhibition, thousands of clay spheres are generated through small, individual gestures that reveal the emotional traces of their makers and cumulatively generate a complex array of texture, scale, and tone.

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