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Asia Culture Center, 《Migration: Speaking Nearby》

23 Nov 2019 - 23 Feb 2020


Exhibition poster of 《Migration: Speaking Nearby》

《Migration: Speaking Nearby》, an exhibition organized in collaboration by the Asia Culture Center/Asia Culture Institute and the Goethe-Institut Korea, marks the final journey in the “Migration Narratives in East and Southeast Asia” project, sharing the outcomes of an effort launched as an initiative by the Goethe-Institut and continued from 2018. Staged as part of “ACC PRISM,” an annual exhibition project since ACC’s opening with a focus on exchange and cooperation with various culture and arts institutions in Korea and overseas, the exhibition is significant as an attempt to approach Asian history, society, and culture from a new perspective through the general theme of “migration,” which has emerged as a significant contemporary global issue. 《Migration: Speaking Nearby》 project and exhibition was designed and developed in conjunction with nine curators active in nine different Asian cities (Seoul, Gwangju, Beijing, Hong Kong, Ulaanbaatar, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, and Jakarta), as well as 21 artists/artist groups invited by them and various other collaborators. Individual projects proposed by each of them were developed in an open and multilayered process of interaction and relationship-forming through seminars and workshops in Korea and Germany and small-scale exhibitions, group exhibitions, and discussions in Beijing, Ulaanbaatar, and Hong Kong. Sharing the various new works created through individual projects along with existing works by some of the participating artists and artist groups, the exhibition suggests different perspectives and approaches to the multilayered and complex aspects and circumstances of migration, with a focus on East and Southeast Asia.

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