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Lehmann Maupin New York, 《Lee Bul - Interlude: Perdu》

07 Nov 2019 - 18 Jan 2020


Installation view of 《Lee Bul - Interlude: Perdu》

Lehmann Maupin presents announce 《Lee Bul - Interlude: Perdu》, a solo presentation of new works by South Korean artist Lee Bul. This exhibition will feature recent mixed media paintings from the artist’s 〈Perdu〉 series that blend biomorphic and cybertronic forms, vividly yet delicately rendered in acrylic paint and mother of pearl. Among the most radical and internationally regarded figures in contemporary Korean art, this is Lee Bul’s first U.S. exhibition since two of her sculptures were featured in the 58th Venice Biennale. Lee Bul was born in the 1960s in South Korea under the country’s military dictatorship. She thus came of age during a period of incredible social and economic upheaval marked by the transition to a democratic state. This political shift experienced over her lifetime has informed much of her work and has been expressed in various ongoing themes over the course of her career. Beginning her practice in the 1980s with performances and sculpture, Lee Bul has continued to push the boundaries of representation with her architectural and technologically wondrous installations and mixed-media paintings that expose the human desire to transcend mere evolutionary progress. In her most recent 〈Perdu〉 works, Lee Bul explores the binary between the artificial and the organic, both conceptually and materially. Composed of an organic and inorganic material such as mother of pearl, velvet, and acrylic paint, the artist’s otherworldly visions of fragmented bodies are seemingly caught on the move, at various distances and in differing detail.

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