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Johyun Gallery, 《PARK SEO-BO》

12 Dec 2019 - 06 Feb 2020


Johyun Gallery celebrates Park Seo-Bo’s seven decades of art and pioneer-ship in Korean abstract art with a solo exhibition from December 12, 20198 to February 16, 2020. During the exhibition period, Johyun Gallery Dalmaji and the newly opened Johyun Gallery Haeundae will simultaneously underscore the celebrated artist's late Écriture works created from 1991 to 2018.

This exhibition presents Park Seo-Bo's late Écriture works in two parts. Johyun Gallery Dalmaji presents Park's straight-line-Écriture works which compose most of his works between early 90s and early 00s. The artist's straight-line-Écritures were referred to as such, as he moved away from his previous complex diagonal patterns in favor of simpler straight lines. It during this phase that the artist began premeditative practices. This process of envisioning soon evolved into drawing in preparation, which also was a divergence to the artist's previous impromptu approach seen in his early and mid Écriture.
Another noteworthy aspect of Park's works during the period is that nearly all his works were created in monochrome. The understated usage of black and white conveyed a sense of cosmic depth that embraced all.

This 70th anniversary exhibition commemorates Park's works with quintessential late Écriture works where traces of the artist's hand strokes faded away in exchange for long, uniform lines achieved through relentless exploration and experimentation. This exchange is evident in Park's blueprint-like esquisse exhibited in juxtaposition to the straight-line Écritures. In the process of that exchange, the artist manages to capture new inspirations in found colors to introduce into his works. Bringing bold closure to his late Écriture series with a summary exhibition connotes that the artist is exploring new directions. We encourage visitors to follow along Park Seo-Bo's seven-decades of creativity and perseverance, and to look forward to what new direction he may turn his gaze.

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