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Gyeongnam Art Museum, 《Rewriting the poetry》

20 Feb 2020 - 17 May 2020


History has tried to immortalize itself by singing and remembering its deeds in poetry about human acts worthy of attention. At the same time, it wanted to honor the spirit through the establishment of a community. Also, history has not hesitated to categorize and edit based on the political situation of the times and cultural sentiments, thus dividing it into a great event with specific universality and an event that does not. As such, the times have continuously produced discourses of affirmation and negation by bringing history into our lives. Nevertheless, historical errors still haunt us today, and we cannot deny the reality that historical tragedies are repeated by changing the names every time.

Marking the 60th anniversary of the 3.15, the exhibition is designed to use contemporary art as a media to think about what original motives or substance have not yet been revealed in history, and how the wave operates with our lives today, noting that history can serve as a sign of multifaceted meaning to predict the present and future generations.

The exhibition consists of the process of sensing a world that we have never seen before, identifying or distinguishing it, and finally recognizing the present.

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