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Nam June Paik Art Center, 《2020 Random Access Project Vol. 7 Dice Game by Oh Jooyoung》

19 May 2020 - 19 July 2020


Today, our everyday life is surrounded by numerous outcomes of scientific research. People believe in and rely on scientific facts and even look for hope for the future of mankind in scientific advances. However, it is almost impossible for the public to deeply understand scientific accomplishments, diverse and complicated. Our understanding of science is mostly at a superficial level and the majority of people’s faith in science is almost blind. Based on her own experiences as an artist as well as a researcher Oh points out that the basis scientific truths are founded on is not as solid as our expectations.

According to the artist, a scientist’s research and experiment are close to probabilistic adventures carried out repeatedly to approach a targeted goal. It is like a dice game that one endlessly repeats with hope in mind. At times, a dice is cast on to an inclined ground regardless of the intention and we only get the wrong result in this case. Oh takes a look at what we lose in a so-called “scientific process” and raises questions about the overwhelming position of scientific truth.

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