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MMCA Gwacheon, 《Lee Seungjio : Advancing Columns》

18 June 2020 - 04 Oct 2020


Lee Seungjio (1941–90) emerged with the avant–gardes in the 1960s, an era replete of aspirations for a new future, and steered the Korean geometrical abstraction forward. As an exhibition being held 30 years after his death, Lee Seungjio: Advancing Columns showcases 90 works that were born in his relation to the time he faced, and presents archives related to Origin and AG, both radical art groups that he participated in as a founding member.

As a metaphor of construction and progress, Advancing Columns suggests a new contextual reading of Lee Seungjio as a pioneer. The title of the exhibition is an homage to Lee Seungjio’s interview in which he mentioned a railway journey in 1982, and seeks to reveal the basis of time and space in his works that were relatively understated compared to their visuality.

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