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ONE AND J. Gallery, 《Dongwook Suh - The Taste of Painting》

03 Nov 2020 - 06 Dec 2020


There stands one figure in Dongwook Suh's painting. If there is a constant from many changes in his painting from the first solo show until now, it is that he has always placed one person in the canvas. Therefore, his paintings are always viewed as portraits despite the continuous changes in forms, regardless of whom it be in them; an anonymous figure, someone nearby, or a fictional character in the movie.

His early works around his first solo show "My Blue Baggage" at ONE AND J. Gallery in 2009 are mostly full length portraits of figures, whose most information is omitted. Paintings hide information of people, time, and places, and so do people reluctant to reveal their feelings. Figures lit under flashlights in the paintings are looking straight ahead with vague yet pale expressions of uncertain emotions. Whether because the paintings are hiding all the information, or because of their pale faces, they only create an ambience of insecurity and precariousness. In the period, Suh worked on the yellow-lighted night scene paintings without figures and on film productions as well. They were in complementary relationship to exchange scenes with contents as supplements of each other's insufficient information.

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