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Nam June Paik Art Center, 《Reality Errors》

24 Sep 2020 - 31 Jan 2021


View of Reality Error, ⓒ Nam June Paik Art Center

Reality Errors speculates on the near future where the pace of technological advancement would outstrip human comprehension, seeking ways to coexist with diverse alterities such as machines.

Reality Errors grounds its departure point in pursuits of future coexistence through the inquiries the artists pose, illuminating the ethical and social issues that we have left behind in the throes of technological advancement. The quest to feel out a new future that instantiates these inquiries will extend our purview to what lies beyond reality – in the realm of the extraordinary.

Artists : Sejin Kim, Yunchul Kim, Matthieu Cherubini, Hyesoo Park, American Artist, Sookyun Yang, 업체eobchae, Wesley Goatley, Jung Seung, Cao Fei

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