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Asia Culture Center, 2020 ACC_R Residency Exhibition《BIOPHILIA: A handful of earth》

24 Nov 2020 - 01 Mar 2021


Seeing its 5th year after its inception in May, 2016, ACC_R Residency has been shifting from the existing formats and expanding genres and fields. This experimental platform has been inviting creators and researchers from Asia and other parts of the world. To reflect on the challenges the humanity is facing and create contemporary discourse, 2020 Residency program has chosen Biophilia as its theme. Three programs, ACC_R Creators, ACC_R Design and ACC_R Dialogue were run in close connection, organically supplementing each other. Participants ranging from the fields of research, critic, design, culture, art and theory have been inspirations for each other, exchanging ideas and developing unique projects through works based on science and technology, workshops, seminars, research tours and matching programs, the outcomes of which are presented here. ACC_R Residency will continue to offer platforms for different professionals including artists, engineers, designers and researchers to promote the exchange of knowledge, experience and technique and play the role as a multicultural interface.

ACC_R Creators : KIM Taeeun·LEE Yunk, DAKD JUNG, YOON Miyeon·Cesar Noda·Choi Hwajoon·BAE Jeongsik, LEE Dayoung·LEE Jiwon, LEE Hotak·LEE Taeyong, CHOI Jinhyuk

ACC_R Design : KIM Bobae, Park Go Eun, YONG Sera, Chung Na Young, CHOI Jiii

ACC_R Dialogue : KIM Soyi, KIM Soonwung, NA Yeorang, LEE Yunkyung, CHON Jaewoo

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