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‬VT Artsalon, 《The Signs of Doubt》

26 Dec 2020 - 06 Feb 2021


VT Artsalon is honored to invite Korean curators Kim, Jyeong Yeon & Lee, Seungah to co-curate The Signs of Doubt. The exhibition focuses on the creations of outstanding Korean contemporary artists.

The exhibition, The Signs of Doubt, explores unforeseen and unpredictable futures through artists' eyes. Human activity to predict the future is not just an assignment for the contemporaries living in the age of digital media. In predicting the future, we have witnessed the absence of imagination regarding what is happening around us. We now understand that the future cannot be told by the predictions and suggestions of a group of experts or scholars with the help of Delphi technique, trend analysis or scenario & simulation planning. It also stresses the possibility of overturning all the values we protect and believe today because of the emergence of situations that we believed were impossible or nonexistent.

Artists : Byungjun Kwon, Joon Moon, HyunJu Kim(ex-media), Jungho Oak, Zune Lee (Studio Bottles), Jiyoon Chun, Hyungmin Moon

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