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Busan Museum of Art,《Greatness of Everyday : Reversing the Narratives》

31 Mar 2021 - 22 Aug 2021

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The Korean art scene has attempted to define expressionistic artworks that are distinguishable from the existing figurative painting or art since the mid and late 70s by using such terms as “new figurative painting/art” and “new figuration.” The exhibition consists of four sections: “Expression of the Reality – Development of New Figuration” , “Recovery of Expressions”; “Twisted Desires” , “The Turbulent Times”. The exhibition features 120 paintings and sculptures by 26 Busan-based artists. New figurative art should be revisited as a keyword to figure out a topographical map of the Korean art history in the 80s.

"This exhibition seeks to gather together an artistic tendency of artworks introduced in the budding times of new figurative art with a closer look at the period ranging from the mid-70s up to the mid-90s. It is hoped that some of the keywords and themes embedded in new figurative art could be explored through the attempt, thereby paving the way to position it within the Korean art history."

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