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Seoul Museum of Art, 《Climate Museum : Life and Death of Our Home》

08 June 2021 - 08 Aug 2021


《Climate Museum : Life and Death of Our Home》 is curated on the research developed through Climate Citizen 3.5, a public art project supported by the Arts Council Korea. The exhibition is about reality rather than solutions. It is a "moment in the movements of our consciousness, technology, institutions, and economic system."

There are 3 kinds of homes in the Climate Museum :

1 : Home for all things : "the earth’s eco-system, the oikos in the midst of irrevocable disruption."
2 : Human home : "the modern Korean house caught in the constant cycle of building and wrecking. As 40% of the world’s carbon emissions originates from construction, House as Assemblage: Building-Wrecking focuses on the life-cycle of the Korean apartment and their materials."
3 : "A habitat for bees, birds, and butterflies."

"The climate crisis grows ever more serious. Hence, an exhibition on climate change, itself an inevitable consumer of energy, is both timely and uncomfortable. Climate Museum confronts this uncomfortable truth and looks at the climate crisis from the perspective of the home for art."

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